How We Can Miss a Move of God

by Guy Rodgers, President and CEO

We’re all vulnerable to missing moves of God in our lives, for countless reasons. Here’s one I know from personal experience and years of observation and feedback that afflicts every high-capacity Christian leader.

Busyness. (If you’re feeling too busy to read on, it could be this is just for you!)

In 2011 my wife entered my name in the lottery for John Eldredge’s “Wild at Heart Boot Camp.” Demand to attend these “boot camps” is so high Eldredge’s ministry organization , Ransomed Heart, employs a lottery to determine who can attend.

Knowing how much I have profited over the years from Eldredge’s books, and recognizing how badly I needed this experience at this time in my high-stress life, my wife entered my name with a prayer that God would open this door.

So when she was notified that I had been selected, she expected delight from me at the wonderful news. Instead, I dismissively defaulted to that bane of 21st century culture: “I’m too busy to go.”

She insisted I prayerfully consider this as a crucial move of God in my life. As I did God revealed to me that my sense of “busyness” emanated in no small measure from a perceived indispensability to the important work I was engaged in leading at the time. I was putting service ahead of God.

His message to me was clear — at this juncture I needed presence with Him and His moving in my life much more than the work needed me.

So God and my wife ultimately prevailed. I attended the boot camp and was treated to one of the most timely and profound moves of God in my 42 years of walking with him, a divine visitation I would have missed had I contented myself with my “busyness.”

What’s more, I was reminded of the eternal value of allowing God to intrude on my agenda and plans, and how doing so actually better equips us for the work we are called to do.

As many of you know, Pinnacle Forum is resuming its National Conference April 22 -24 after a year’s hiatus. For reasons I don’t have time to elaborate on, I’m convinced that it’s possible, even likely, that for many both in and outside of Pinnacle Forum this event has the potential to be a profound move of God in their lives.

I’m not going to presume whether this applies to you, nor presume upon what would ultimately be your decision and reason(s) for attending or not attending. These are matters rightly left between you and God.

I just want to do what I can to ensure that no one who becomes aware of the upcoming National Conference misses a potential caution sign about how God would like to move in their lives – and how easily that move could be missed.

[Editor’s Note: If you would like to register you can do so here through either our Individual or Couple form.]

I know, and dozens of people in Pinnacle Forum are confirming this to me, that God is set to move in a new, fresh and mighty way in and through Pinnacle Forum. A new season, a new chapter, is upon us. This realization is engendering hope, delight and even exhilaration among the many men and women in Pinnacle Forum I’ve had the privilege to talk to and get to know over these past few months.

I know that God wants to enlarge our vision, and our National Conference affords a unique opportunity for us to gather together to share in, speak to, and benefit from, this new season, this new move of God. Pinnacle Forum is, at its very core, a relational ministry with a relational mission. Connecting in person is an indispensable component of the empowering of this mission.

There is a time to say “no” to something that is a distraction from where God wants us to be and do, and a time to say “yes” to what appears to be an intrusion into the busyness of our routines. To discern the difference is not always easy, and a first step in busting out of our busyness is to make the time to pray, be silent before God, listen, and contemplate.

Regardless of our ultimate decision, this is in itself allows God to move in our lives.

So I leave you with this exhortation. If your reaction to the upcoming National Conference is “I’m too busy,” please take the time to discern if this is a default reaction that would deprive you of a move of God in your life, or a legitimate boundary to erect against a distraction that is not God’s best for you at this time.

And even if “I’m too busy” is not your reaction, but you’re unsure or even doubtful about attending, please seek His face for how He would like you to proceed.

And then expect the unexpected.

Grace and Peace to you,




Guy Rodgers

P.S. If you didn’t see my recent presentation, “Pinnacle Forum 2016 and Beyond: The State of Our Union,” may I suggest you log in here to share in the picture that God is giving us for the future of Pinnacle Forum?


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