The Culturally Savvy Christian

by Guy Rodgers, President and CEO

There are some books that come our way that so stand out from the crowd we feel compelled to draw your attention to them.
The Culturally Savvy Christian, by Dick Staub, is one of those books.

I could toss numerous excerpts your way; here are just a few gems:
For we are called to be culturally savvy Christians, who are serious about faith, savvy about faith and culture, and skilled at fulfilling our calling to be a loving, transforming presence in the world. [italics in original]

We’re reaping the rewards of a popular culture dominated by people who have lost the connection between building culture and glorifying God and of a Christian subculture that has lost the connection between glorifying God and building richer culture.

When we nurture the deep presence of God, pursuing God in the company of friends; allowing God to transform us toward becoming fully human; developing our spiritual, intellectual, creative, relational, and moral capacities to their fullest potential; and allowing our lives to be infused with and fueled by God’s agape love, then we are prepared to enrich culture as a loving, transforming presence.

For those of us serious about “transforming leaders to transform culture” The Culturally Savvy Christian is a must-read.


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