Important, Exciting Announcement!

by Guy Rodgers, President and CEO

I’m delighted to announce a new, exciting development for Pinnacle Forum!

At the end of this month, Chuck Bryant, who is currently the Chairman of the national Pinnacle Forum board, will step down and assume a new role, effective January 1st.

Chuck BryantChuck will assume a full-time role alongside me to help us expand and strengthen our reach and influence across the country.  In this role Chuck will:

  • Start new Forums
  • Help existing Forums grow and thrive where needed
  • Start new Chapters
  • Recruit new Partners

Chuck is the ideal person to step into this role.  He has been in Pinnacle Forum for ten years, beginning with his efforts to help launch the successful Modesto, California Chapter. He has been on the board and chairman of the board, and last year served as Interim CEO prior to my accepting the permanent position.  In just the last year he’s helped start several new Forums, a new Chapter, and recruited or renewed some 20 Partners, doing this on a limited, part-time basis.In short, Chuck is a genuine servant leader who has the experience, the passion, and the wisdom to take on this role and create exponential synergy for our mission to expand the influence of Pinnacle Forum to a national movement.

We’re now doing our strategic planning for next year, so if you see the prospect for Chuck to successfully launch one or more Forums in your area, please contact me and we’ll incorporate that into our 2017 plan.

And please remember to pray for Chuck, for God’s favor to go before him, as he assumes this important outreach role for Pinnacle Forum!

Merry Christmas to you all!


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