Understanding the Times: Biblical Illiteracy

by Guy Rodgers, President and CEO

How This Inhibits “Living the Fullness of Christ-Centered Leadership in Turbulent Times”

A few months ago my daughter shared with me an online post she responded to, in which the author of the post claimed that the Ten Commandments were the greatest example of a missed opportunity to establish a moral code in history!

He chided God for not making prohibitions against war, human trafficking and other social ills part of the commandments.

Just another example of biblical illiteracy. Sigh.

My daughter, God bless her, responded by writing that Jesus gave us the two greatest commandments, love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and our neighbor as ourself. Her point? If we’re loving God and our neighbor we won’t be engaging in human trafficking, child abduction, and all the other sins that so degrade and destroy humanity.

Biblical illiteracy is, unfortunately, all too common among both Christians and non-Christians. For the Christian, such illiteracy makes it impossible to know, understand and live out a consistent biblical worldview. It also renders a person virtually helpless in giving reasons for and defense of our faith.

This year’s National Conference theme is “Living the Fullness of Christ-Centered Leadership in Turbulent Times.” At our conference in Chicago, we will devote sessions to why we need to cultivate a consistent and comprehensive biblical worldview, and how to do it – because having a right relationship with Truth is an essential element of “living the fullness of Christ-Centered leadership in turbulent times.”



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