We’re More Disconnected Than Ever

by Guy Rodgers, President and CEO

The evidence is beginning to mount that there’s an inverse relationship between social media use and relational connectedness.

In other words, the more awash in digital communication we become, the more disconnected to each other we get.

Lest anyone doubt this, just sit in a restaurant and watch four members of a family, each deeply engaged with their smart phones instead of talking to each other.

Technology is a tool, a powerful, wonderful tool. But when technologies replace relationships we lose a big part of the soul of what it means to be “human.”

As much as I use digital communication technologies, I’ve come to realize that these are an inadequate substitute for face-to-face interaction. Indeed, that’s been one of the blessings and revelations of joining the Pinnacle Forum team.

You see, Pinnacle Forum, at its core, is a highly relational ministry. That being the case we’re running counter to the culture, especially pop culture.

About a year ago a Pinnacle Forum Partner and I were discussing the curse of excessive busyness which plagues pretty much every high-impact leader in today’s society.

His response was both eloquent and so, so true: “The kingdom of God advances at the speed of relationships.”

Some of you reading this have heard me say that Pinnacle Forum should aspire to be a 21st century expression of the Clapham Circle.

The Clapham Circle was a relatively small group of influential leaders in turn-of-the-19th-century England, whose most prominent leader was William Wilberforce, best known for leading the decades-long effort to abolish the slave trade and win the emancipation of slaves.

These were leaders who were committed to each other, who valued their relationships, and who encouraged and enabled each other to follow God’s call for them to advance the kingdom of God.

They lived out Wilberforce’s exhortation to “let a thousand wildflowers bloom!”

Leadership. Relationships. Calling. Action. This is why Pinnacle Forum exists.

And this is why our National Conference is so important to our mission, and why this year’s theme, “Living the fullness of Christ-centered leadership in turbulent times,” is so timely.

Our National Conference will address leadership, calling and action in a climate where opportunities for discovering and building relationships can happen.

It warmed my heart at last year’s National Conference to walk through the outdoor lounge area and observe dozens and dozens of our conference attendees sitting and just…talking.

Terrace-600pxOne of the reasons we chose the Loews Chicago Hotel is that it has an outdoor terrace lounge on the third floor – a beautiful venue for engaging in conversation. And one of the reasons we’re offering the optional cruise is to provide another opportunity to discover and deepen our relationships.

Please don’t settle for the notion that you can get what our National Conference offers by watching some videos of the speakers.

Please carve out the time in your hectic schedule to attend our National Conference and experience how relationships are part of living the fullness of Christ-centered leadership in turbulent times.

If nothing else, you’ll be greatly encouraged as you recognize you’re part of a growing, national network of leaders who understand the times and recognize what we need to be doing! (See I Chron. 12:32).


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