One Partner’s Testimony

In November of last year, I wrote a Perspective to answer the question: How do we measure or define “success” in Pinnacle Forum?

The simple answer is, “Our story is the story of our Partners.”

About two weeks ago I got an email from a Partner here in the Phoenix area. The gist of it was that he was really excited about the Cultural Impact Plan tool, and how God was giving him clarity and focus with it to be a more transformational Christian.

We met for coffee a few days later, and what moved me was not so much the content of what he said, but the excitement in his voice and the glow on his face.

How do you quantify this?

Here’s a man discovering his unique calling, his purpose, to advance the kingdom of God through his business endeavors. The pebbles he will toss into the pool around him will ripple out beyond what we can see. Lives will be irrevocably changed, both in the here and now and for eternity, as a result.

How do you measure this?

When people ask me about what Pinnacle Forum does, I point to him. Or the Partner I had coffee with last week, who told me how glad he was to have the motivation of the Cultural Impact Plan to focus his efforts.

These examples illustrate how Pinnacle Forum occupies a unique space in the constellation of Christian ministries.

From relationship building to cultural engagement, we are at heart a leadership empowerment and unleashing ministry. Thus, whatever God has called you to do; whatever He has prepared you for; and whatever you are passionate about, is ultimately bettered by a thriving, flourishing Pinnacle Forum.


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