My Top Ten List of Resources for Forums

Every time I visit a Forum I recognize the genius of Pinnacle Forum’s model of not prescribing the same curriculum for all Forums.

The individuality of the Forums is as real as the individuality of individuals, and on occasion I’m asked, “what resources do you recommend for Forums?”

So after observing a lot of different resources being used in Forums; evaluating books I’ve read that I consider to be good resources; using some in the Forums I facilitate; and reading reviews of resources by Chapter leaders, here is my Top Ten List of Resources for Forums. (Please note: they are not listed in priority order. All are good!)

While this is, of course, not an exhaustive list, and I’m sure will spawn some discussion (I hope so!), these resources reflect both the diversity of our Forums and the quality of these resources.

  1. The 210 Project. This has been used in many of our Forums and is an EXCELLENT resource for helping our Partners better understand their purpose, passion and calling.
  1. The Relationship Principles of Jesus, by Tom Holladay. While especially useful in the early months of a new Forum, this is just a great book for any Forum.
  1. “William Wilberforce and His Circle of Friends,” by Richard Gathro. This essay appeared in 2001 on the C.S. Lewis Institute website, This three-page essay is extremely helpful for a Forum looking to better execute the last two E’s of our Four “E” Strategy, “Engage” and “Execute.” I’ve used it in one of my Forums and the discussion it has created has been both rich and vibrant.
  1. I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, by Norman Geisler and Frank Turek. I haven’t yet heard of anyone using this in a Forum, but this is one of the best apologetics books I’ve ever read. If your Forum is interested in sharpening the ability to “defend the faith,” you’ll be well-served studying this book.
  1. The Conviction to Lead, by Dr. Albert Mohler. When I read this book I knew I wanted Dr. Mohler to speak at our 2017 National Conference. There are many really good books on leadership. What I so like about this one is how it tackles elements of leadership that emanate from “convictions.”
  1. The Man God Uses, by Henry and Tom Blackaby. Arguably the best recommendation for this book is that I’ve heard from numerous Pinnacle Forum Partners who have read this book or used it in a Forum – and how much it impacted their lives.
  1. Prayer: The Timeless Secret of High-Impact Leaders, by Dave Earley. As with the topic of leadership, there are countless books on prayer. During my first six months as CEO, our chapter Executive Directors and I studied this book together – and a number of them remarked to me how compelling this book was.
  1. The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make, by Hans Finzel. This is a personal favorite of mine. I first read it about thirteen years ago – and re-read it once a year thereafter for the next five years. Its chapter design lends itself very well to study in a Forum.
  1. Intimacy with the Almighty, by Charles Swindoll. In my opinion this book is an absolute must for busy leaders who find it difficult to carve out significant time daily to be in God’s presence. It’s a short read but very compelling.
  1. Mentor Like Jesus, by Regi Campbell. Jesus demonstrated to us how the world would be changed – by discipling twelve men. If we are serious about cultural transformation, we need to be serious about mentoring younger Christians. This book will motivate the leaders in your Forum to get serious about mentoring and take action!

In conclusion, do you have a book or resource you highly recommend for our Forums? Please email me at, let me know what that is, and why you recommend it. If I get enough responses I’ll follow up with a “Top Ten List from Our Partners!”


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