Overcoming Obstacles with Video Conferencing Technology

A year ago we tried something new. At the suggestion of Chuck Bryant, former National Board Chairman who is now working to establish new Forums across the country, we tried using Zoom video conferencing technology to start new Forums.

We did so because we recognized that limiting ourselves to the traditional, “meet in person” Forum structure, was obstructing our desire and ability to plant Pinnacle Forum in new areas around the country.

For example, when we would find a leader in a new area who was really attracted to the Pinnacle Forum mission, constraints of time, human resources and budget, made it difficult to raise up a new Forum around this leader.

What frequently happened is either this leader didn’t sign up as a Partner, because there was no imminent opportunity for a Forum experience, OR, he/she signed up, and then drifted away over time – again, because there was no Forum experience.

We also were finding that there were leaders who wanted to become Pinnacle Forum Partners, but their travel schedules made it difficult, if not impossible, to regularly attend a “meet in person” Forum.

Zoom video conferencing, which is easy to use and provides a good, consistent video experience, gave us the means to overcome these obstacles.

In 2017, Chuck launched eight new video Forums, connecting leaders in large metro areas (such as Dallas) who couldn’t meet in person due to travel obstacles, and connecting leaders in regions of the country (such as the West Coast). The feedback we’ve been getting from the participants in these Forums has been phenomenal!

Indeed, two leaders I have talked to just last month told me they were initially skeptical of the video Forum concept. Now, after experiencing the video Forum for several months, they are singing its praises!

These are leaders who almost certainly wouldn’t have been able to avail themselves of the Forum experience without the video Forum option.

What’s more, based on last year’s experience, we fully expect the growth of these video Forums to be a catalyst for new “meet in person” Forums across the country.

Are you a leader who would like to engage others in Pinnacle Forum, but don’t have access to a Forum?

If so, I encourage you to contact Chuck directly, at chuck@PinnacleForum.com, to find out how you can get connected!


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