Pure Flix: Transforming the Entertainment Culture

CEO Michael Scott and COO Steve Fedyski of Pure Flix are both Pinnacle Forum Partners, and they are demonstrating the profound impact Pinnacle Forum Partners can have on the culture around us.

Last year they released “The Case for Christ,” which I consider one of the best films in the “faith and family” genre ever released. The story, screenplay, acting, cinematography – all were top-notch. I saw it multiple times and if you haven’t seen this film I urge you to do so!

Last week they released “Samson,” and I found this to be both a faithful re-telling of the story we already know and a treatment that included enough artistic license to give it depth and humanity. I would see it again – which is one of the ways I measure the quality of a film.

On March 30th, they will release the third installment of the “God’s Not Dead” series. I had the privilege of attending a pre-screening this past Tuesday. Those of us in attendance were asked to provide a short, even a one-word, description of what we thought of the film.

I wrote “authentic” and “three-dimensional.” The story and the characters were authentic and believable. They were real. I found myself wrestling with the same questions the characters were. And they were three-dimensional. They were fully human, not flat or stilted. What our friends at Pure Flix have accomplished here is the telling of a story that provides us depth and humanity, in all of its manifestations.

It’s a film for every Christian – and for our non-Christian friends as well.

Our Pinnacle Forum tag line is “Transforming Leaders to Transform Culture.” One of the Seven Mountains of Culture we aim at is the Arts & Entertainment mountain. I’m thankful to our friends at Pure Flix for what they’re doing to honor God with their talents and transform this mountain of culture. They’re inspiring each of us to persevere in doing what God has called us to do and to aspire to do it with excellence and all our might.


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