Work is Worship

Os Hillman, in his Today God is First devotional, explains:

…the Hebrew word avodah is the root word having the same meaning of “work” and “worship.”  God sees our work as worship.

My guess is you’ve never heard a Bible study or sermon message on this, and that’s unfortunate.

Because God created us in His image for productive work, and He has a unique calling for each of us to live out that productivity.  In fact, if we recognize that work is a form of worship, then it’s also ministry, because the root of ministry is service.  Productive work serves God and others.

What’s more, it’s a calling.  The Latin root for “vocation” is “vocare,” meaning “to call.”

Imagine how differently the body of Christ would influence the world around us if we fully grasped this biblical perspective!

This is why our 2019 National Conference theme is “Fulfilling Our Potential for God’s Kingdom Calling.” 2019-National-Conference-PP-ad

He explained it this way, that this is leadership that extends beyond the people we are in direct contact with, that it impacts people they know, and people they know, and so forth.

Like waves in a pond, such leadership ripples out well beyond the first wave of people who are touched by it.

Recently the man I regard as my “spiritual father” passed away at the age of 88. “Pastor Ollie,” as he was affectionately called, discipled me for four years during my early years as a Christian. His impact on my life, in everything from genuine discipleship to apologetics to the biblical basis for calling, was so transformational that it’s taken me literally decades to fully appreciate it.

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