2019 National Conference

Fulfilling Our Potential for God’s Kingdom Calling

Held May 3 – May 5, 2019 at the HYATT REGENCY resort & spa at Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ

Speakers That Presented


As Founder and President of the Professional Christian Coaching Institute, Chris McCluskey brings a unique, invaluable and compelling perspective to the biblical truth of calling and the extraordinary impact of Christian leadership. Often cited as “the Father of Christian Coaching,” he has presented at more than 50 national and international conferences and is a best-selling author. See full bio here.



Joseph Mattera’s book, The Divided Gospel: The Consequences of Separating the Gospel from the Kingdom, has revolutionized the way countless Christians understand what the kingdom of God is and what this means for our unique callings to advance His kingdom. See full bio here.


Tami was a recent guest on our “Unleashing Your Leadership” podcast where she discussed the “Crucible of Leadership.” Her senior executive experience includes three decades of leadership in Fortune 500 companies, and she is currently the President and CEO of the Christian Leadership Alliance. See full bio here.



Hugh Whelchel’s interview on our “Unleashing Your Leadership” podcast was the second-highest listened-to episode at the time.  His message about the cultural mandate, the biblical role for work, and how vocation and calling are largely misunderstood in American Christianity today, resonates powerfully with those seeking to steward their God-given leadership and influence in the culture. See full bio here.


We’ve all heard of mission statements. Sarah will engage us to understand how personal mission statements help produce greater moral courage in an increasingly secular culture.  Sarah serves as president of Right On Mission. See full bio here.



Hans Finzel is a nationally recognized authority on leadership who has trained leaders on five continents. He’s the author of ten books, including the best-selling The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make and his latest book, Top Ten Ways to be a Great Leader. Hans was one of the first guests on the Pinnacle Forum “Unleashing Your Leadership” podcast. Click here to listen to this podcast. See full bio here.


Os Guinness is an author and social critic, and arguably one of the more influential voices in America over the past thirty years for the truth of Christianity. His book The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life, is a must-read for anyone wanting to understand what “calling” is within a biblical context. He is the founding Senior Fellow of The Trinity Forum, whose motto is “Contributing to the Transformation and Renewal of Society Through the Transformation and Renewal of Leaders.” Os will be joining us via video interview. See full bio here.


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