guy-rodgers-right-facing-redtie-200pxThe President’s Perspective

Guy Rodgers, President and CEO

Special edition – “Living Out Your Faith in Life and Business”

I was honored to be a podcast guest on Branding With Purpose with host, Shantha Wetterhan. In this episode Shantha and I talk about how important faith is in your personal and business life and how it impacts transforming leaders.

Work is Worship

Os Hillman, in his Today God is First devotional, explains: …the Hebrew word avodah is the root word having the same meaning of “work” and “worship.”

Special edition – podcast guest on Professional Christian Coaching Today

I was honored to be a podcast guest on Professional Christian Coaching Today. This podcast unpacks the impact coaching can have on culture…

Leading Beyond Influence

Last week I recorded an interview with a podcast guest (to see episodes visit which will air next month.

Is There a Remnant?

In the early decades of the new “movement” that was called Christianity, a darkness reigned deeply in the Roman Empire that’s difficult for us to grasp today.

The Promise of the Pond

In a recent podcast interview I conducted, my guest and I talked about the “lifeboat theology,” a theological view with different names but fairly common in the 20th century.

Bitter or Better?

Loss. Without exception, every Pinnacle Forum Partner I’ve gotten to know reasonably well has a story or stories of loss.

Passion in the Absence of Calling

“Passion” has become one of the buzz words of our time. Don’t get me wrong. I’m passionate. I love passion. I couldn’t live a day-to-day life that is endlessly mundane…

What is Missing?

In 1978, as a young Christian who was zealous for God but greatly lacked knowledge and wisdom, I was led by the Holy Spirit to place myself at the feet of the president of a small Bible college.

Kingdom Calling

Remarkably and regrettably, the biblical concepts of “kingdom” and “calling” received scant attention in Christian churches in America during the 20th century.

God-Sufficiency and Eternal Significance

Moving from earthly success to eternal significance is becoming almost an anthem – and thankfully so. We all know what “earthly success” looks like.

They Are Not the Enemy

I spent nearly three decades in the political space, the “government mountain” of culture.

Muscle Memory

My son grew up playing baseball, and he learned the concept of “muscle memory.” His favorite coach would harp on this…

Pure Flix: Transforming the Entertainment Culture

The CEO and COO of Pure Flix are both Pinnacle Forum Partners, and they are demonstrating the profound impact Pinnacle Forum Partners can have on the culture around us.

Why Care?

Many years ago, while I was deeply involved in cultural transformation in the Government Mountain of Culture, a friend challenged me, asserting, “you know, you’re working against the will of God.”

Overcoming Obstacles with Video Conferencing Technology

A year ago we tried something new. At the suggestion of Chuck Bryant, former National Board Chairman who is now working to establish new Forums across the country, we tried using Zoom video conferencing technology to start new Forums.

My Top Ten List of Resources for Forums

Every time I visit a Forum I recognize the genius of Pinnacle Forum’s model of not prescribing the same curriculum for all Forums.

The individuality of the Forums is as real as the individuality of individuals, and on occasion I’m asked, “what resources do you recommend for Forums?”

The Power of the Other

About eighteen months ago, a Pinnacle Forum Partner commented to me that “the kingdom of God advances at the speed of relationships.”

I think we all give at least lip service to the importance of relationships, and it’s certainly clear in the gospel that relationships (with God and others) are of primary importance to Him.

But the older I get, the more I’m realizing how much I (dare I say we?) have yet to learn about the importance, influence and impact of healthy, quality relationships.

The Amazing Move of God at Our National Conference

“I want to thank you for the spectacular conference! I was blown away…” Lisa Sooy (wife of Pinnacle Forum Partner Brian Sooy)

“…through the incredible, insightful and spirit filled speakers and “how-to” practical breakout sessions, I have never been more encouraged to live as a Christ-centered leader.” Steve Hillard, National Board Member

Please take a few minutes to read this all the way through; I believe you will be blessed and encouraged.

One Partner’s Testimony

In November of last year, I wrote a Perspective to answer the question: How do we measure or define “success” in Pinnacle Forum?

How Pinnacle Forum Has Impacted Me

It’s hard to believe that I began this journey with you and Pinnacle Forum twenty months ago. Of all the callings I’ve responded to since I was rescued from the darkness by Christ nearly 44 years ago, my calling to Pinnacle Forum was by far the most clear.

Just How Turbulent Are the Times, Really?

This year’s National Conference theme is “Living the Fullness of Christ-Centered Leadership in Turbulent Times.”

One reason I selected this theme is that I’m concerned we may be growing numb to the increasing chaos in our culture. That we’re getting used to, perhaps even comfortable with, realities we would have deemed unthinkable three decades ago.

We’re More Disconnected Than Ever

The evidence is beginning to mount that there’s an inverse relationship between social media use and relational connectedness.

In other words, the more awash in digital communication we become, the more disconnected to each other we get.

Lest anyone doubt this, just sit in a restaurant and watch four members of a family, each deeply engaged with their smart phones instead of talking to each other.

Understanding the Times: Biblical Illiteracy

How This Inhibits “Living the Fullness of Christ-Centered Leadership in Turbulent Times”

A few months ago my daughter shared with me an online post she responded to, in which the author of the post claimed that the Ten Commandments were the greatest example of a missed opportunity to establish a moral code in history!

The Fullness of Christ-Centered Leadership

This year’s National Conference theme is “Living the Fullness of Christ-Centered Leadership in Turbulent Times.”

Which begs the question, what is “Christ-Centered Leadership?” What does this entail? What does it look like? How do we live it? Better yet, how do we live it in “fullness?”

Important, Exciting Announcement!

I’m delighted to announce a new, exciting development for Pinnacle Forum!

At the end of this month, Chuck Bryant, who is currently the Chairman of the national Pinnacle Forum board, will step down and assume a new role, effective January 1st.

Understanding the Times: What Can We Discern From the Election?

Soon after the Brits cast their shocking vote to leave the European Union last June, I penned a perspective titled “Trumpism, Brexit and Understanding the Times.” I wrote:

…why is the standard bearer of the Republican Party a man who delights…

How Do We Measure “Success” in Pinnacle Forum?

It’s a question I get frequently: How do we measure or define “success” in Pinnacle Forum? A good way to answer that is by examining how two different types of ministries define success.

For ease of comparison I’ll call one kind of ministry a “front-line” ministry. By this I’m referring to…

Executing the Mission: The Why, What, and How of Pinnacle Forum, Part II

(transcript & audio)

In Part I of this message we began exploring the “Why,” “What,” and “How” of Pinnacle Forum through the lens of its philosophical value, visionary value, strategic value, relationship value, transformative value, networking value, leveraging value, and empowerment value. Let’s begin Part II with a further unpacking of the empowerment value.

Executing the Mission: The Why, What, and How of Pinnacle Forum, Part I

(transcript & audio)

I want to welcome you to Part One of a very important, two-part audio version of “The President’s Perspective” titled “Executing the Mission: The Why, What and How of Pinnacle Forum.” One of the great blessings I’ve experienced during my first year as President and CEO has been the opportunity…

Pinnacle Forum’s Unique and Noble Calling in These Perilous Times

Message is in audio

Understanding the Times: Religious Liberty

“…the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, and knew what Israel should do.” I Chronicles 12:32

It’s painlessly easy to look back in history, read a short blurb about difficult times, and commend those who stood for truth.

Trumpism, Brexit, and Understanding the Times

Let me begin by saying this is not a column for or against Donald Trump or the recent vote by the UK (“Brexit”) to withdraw from the European Union. It’s about what these phenomena may be telling us about our times.

The Chaos of Consumer Culture

Romans 12:2 – “Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” This is one of my favorite verses of Scripture and has been for many years.

The Culturally Savvy Christian

There are some books that come our way that so stand out from the crowd we feel compelled to draw your attention to them. The Culturally Savvy Christian, by Dick Staub, is one of those books.

How We Can Miss a Move of God

We’re all vulnerable to missing moves of God in our lives, for countless reasons. Here’s one I know from personal experience and years of observation and feedback that afflicts every high-capacity Christian leader…

Aspiring to a Calling Worthy of the Name of Christ

He’s known as the leader of the movement to abolish the English slave trade. He was an enormous force for evangelism and reform, actively involving himself in some 70 church and mission societies over the…


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