Cindy Marks

Cindy Marks has been married to Robert Marks for 37 years and they have 3 sons and 3 grandsons. They live in Modesto, which is in the Central Valley of California.  Cindy grew up living in several different places; as a result, she developed empathy for children who find themselves in new unfamiliar environments, and for teens who find themselves vulnerable, lonely, and without loving support. As a result, she and her husband became a host family for unwed teen moms, pregnant teens, battered women and homeless women which they housed and mentored for 13 years. She has also been a guest speaker for Bethany Christian Services in public and private junior high and high schools on the topics of abortion, adoption and fetal development. Mentoring at-risk youth, gang members and refugees in the most dangerous parts of Modesto for over 11 years taught Cindy so much about loyalty and protection. That led her to want to serve in a broader capacity and therefore she ran for trustee of the Modesto City School’s Board of Education and was elected in 1997. Cindy has subsequently won 6 elections since then and was elected by school board members around the state to be the 2013 President of the California School Boards Association (CSBA). She was also elected by school board members from 9 states to serve as Chair of the National School Boards Association Pacific Region. She has served on numerous committees and boards (see list below) as well as been honored by her peers.

As a result of Cindy’s elected office position, she has had opportunities to meet with and exchange ideas with many in my community and beyond. She believes that God has placed her here to transform her to become more like Him and then to use her in whatever way He sees fit. Cindy feels it is a blessing and honor to be part of the Pinnacle Forum National Board and to learn from Godly leaders around the nation.

Current Board of Directors

  • Modesto City School’s Board of Education, Vice-president
  • Linked Learning Alliance Board of Directors- Promoting College and Career Readiness through partnerships with high school, business industry and college
  • Association Stanislaus County School Board,Executive Committee
  • Pinnacle Forum Modesto Board of Directors
  • Pinnacle National Board of Directors
  • Salida Area Public Facilities Financing Agency
  • Modesto Neighborhoods Incorporated Board of Directors
  • California Large Suburban Schools Board of Directors

Current Committees

  • Parker Committee to address the achievement gap as it relates to African American and Hispanic students
  • Co-Chair Modesto City Schools Student Equity Committee
  • Chair, National Day of Prayer, Stanislaus County
  • Chair, Pray Modesto
  • Started first Women’s Pinnacle Forum 2010
  • Started Zoom Pinnacle Women’s Forum May 2017

Awards and Recognitions

  • Walter C. LaCore Christian Public Servants Award for Outstanding Public Service
  • The Hispanic Leadership Council President’s Award
  • Recognized for Service on the Dr. Parker Steering Committee for its focus on reducing the Achievement Gap for African American students
  • Association of Mexican American Educator’s Award
  • Recognized by Senator Dave Cogdill and Congressman Dennis Cardoza for service on the Youth Action Commission of Stanislaus County
  • California Women Lead, Elected Woman of the Year
  • Crystal Clear Award for Outstanding Community Service (from the African American Community)


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