“PF has allowed me to take my leadership in the direction that empowers and educates other women outside the Forum.”

Jessica De La Cruz, Principal, Ombudsman Educational Services

“It feeds my soul. …It’s very very important that women CEO’s speak to other women CEO’s in such a group of like minded Christian women, because they care. It’s not something to be paraded. It’s not something to be hubris about or bragging about who you are or how far you’ve come. We share intimate conversations. And the conversations are confidential.”

Nichole Henderson, Owner/CEO, Victorious Beginnings LLC

“I just encourage you, if you’re thinking about the Forum, jump in. Jump into the pool, and you’ll see if it’s the right group for you. I have not seen anything else like it. It’s amazing what we can do in one hour a week.”

Harry Plack
Harry Plack, Director, Plack Group LLC