Robert K. Fischer

Robert K. Fischer- Restarted Fischer Furniture in 1974 with his father, a business he had begun in 1949 but retired from in 1964.  He is currently serving as Vice President, having turned over the Presidency to his son Sam Fischer a couple of years ago.  They have six stores in Rapid City; Bachelors in Business Administration, University of Nebraska, 1975; Former Board Chairman of a start up Christian College in Rapid City, John Witherspoon College; Coordinator, Rapid City Convoy of Hope;  Chairman of the local Luis Palau Crusade; former councilman, Rapid City Common Council; former Executive Committee, Council for National Policy; former President of the South Dakota Family Policy Council; former President in 2006 of, a ballot initiative to end abortion in South Dakota; Resolutions Committee member of the 1992 Republican National Convention; former President of the board of Rapid City Christian School; former trustee of Criswell College; have served as a deacon at Calvary Baptist church and an elder at South Canyon Baptist Church; owned and operated a Christian FM commercial radio station for four years in Rapid City; former Co-Chair of Conservatives Against Trump; and presently serving on the Advisory Council of the Family Heritage Alliance; Married to Rita Denise(Miller) Fischer for 40 years, father of five children, grandfather of ten grandchildren. He has lived in Rapid City, SD, all of his life.

Personal Testimony:  “I was raised in a strong Christian home and believed in Jesus when I was 7 or 8 years old and baptized.  Later in my teenage-college years, I did not live for the Lord and was a prodigal.  At the age of 20 years old I was engaged to a young lady and she broke off the engagement, and it devastated me.  That caused me to start reading the Bible and thinking about my relationship with Christ.  I prayed for a godly wife and met Rita the following spring as I finished my degree at the University of Nebraska.  A young pastor came to our church the next year, and I rededicated my life to Christ and he taught me what it meant to follow Christ.  He had me teach the Adult Men’s Sunday school class at our church and that helped me to study the Bible and prepare each week to teach.  I have taught a weekly small group men’s Bible study to members of the community for over twenty years.  I try to read through the Bible each year and spend adequate time each morning in prayer and Bible study.  I am a Gideon and have participated in jail ministry or ministry with the Juvenile Services center for about 40 years.  I have participated in 28 foreign mission evangelism projects primarily with International Commission of Dallas, TX.  I have chaired our city’s annual Community Prayer Breakfast for the past five years.” 


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