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The story of our Partners is the story of Pinnacle Forum, which is why our goal is to empower and unleash leadership, purpose, passion and calling.

Pure Business Videos

Our Partners at Pure Flix have created a special “Pure Business” segment on Facebook, which are a series of short interviews with our Pinnacle Forum Partners. We have posted these interviews for you here. So please enjoy getting to know our Partners a little better, as well as how God is uniquely moving in their lives, and lastly, the role that Pinnacle Forum is playing in their journey of faith and cultural impact.

How do you share your faith in the workplace? “The Miracle Donut” author Mark Zona has some advice for those looking to positively impact the culture around them.

You’ve heard of army chaplains and hospital chaplains, but did you know that businesses can have chaplains as well? Business owner Steve Hillard shares his experience with making a chaplain available to his employees.

How can a Christian plan for the future in a Biblical way? Financial planner Linda Bowers shares how she uses Biblical principles to help all of her clients.

What does it mean to truly live our your faith in all you do? Should personal faith and business be kept separate? Entrepreneur Jonathan Cottrell breaks down answers to these questions — and plenty more.

What is Pinnacle Forum? Founder Merrill Oster shares how this incredible group started – and how it is blessing businessmen and women today.

What People are Saying


A look at how Pinnacle Forum is helping our Partners transformationally. Filmed at our 2016 National Conference.

Pinnacle Forum has allowed me to surround myself with like minded Christian business leaders that share my ethics, morals and faith. I’m now able to grow spiritually weekly and take my workplace ministry to the next level.


Andrew Arroyo – Founder, AARE

What Partners shared about Pinnacle Forum’s impact on their lives. Filmed at our 2014 National Conference.

My forum is definitely one of the highlights of my week. Spending quality time with leaders that I respect and trust is a blessing that provides professional and spiritual growth, encouragement, accountability, laughter and friendship. I believe Pinnacle Forum is a must for Christian leaders!


Robyn Y. Davis – President, Freedom House Ministries

Pinnacle Forum has helped me and our other Partners connect our Christ-calling to actual execution, made possible as we progressed through the ‘Four E’ strategy from ‘Encourage’ to ‘Execute.


David Sauter – CEO, Envano

In the mid-1970’s, Dr. Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham identified the importance for Christians to impact seven key Mountains of Culture. Pinnacle Forum brings together influential Christian leaders to help them discover their unique Christ-calling to influence these Mountains of Culture. We will do far more together than we can apart. Please join us, as “iron sharpens iron!” The world is crying out for help; we have the answer!


Judy Hulsey – Wealth Strategist, Allgen Financial Services

The book of Proverbs tells us if we associate with the wise we will become wise, and with many advisors our plans are sure to succeed. Pinnacle Forum has given me the opportunity to build real relationships with wise people who highly value a strong relationship with God. Pinnacle Forum will add close friends to your most valuable relationship list, help you grow in your walk, and discover and pursue God’s unique call for your life.


Joseph Laswell

Given the times we find ourselves in, Pinnacle Forum’s mission — to build a national network of high-capacity Christian leaders who steward their influence for cultural transformation — is needed now more than ever.


Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

The only way to truly impact a society with Biblical principles is to touch the heart of the cultural mountains of that society. Pinnacle Forum serves as a place where individuals can personally grow and interact with others of like mind so that they are equipped, strengthened and supported in their efforts to reach the heart of those cultural mountains.


Linda Bowers – Senior Vice President & Wealth Advisor in the financial services industry

This group [Pinnacle Forum] CANNOT fail.  There is an urgency to what you do.  We have a collapsing window of opportunity, and I believe it’s less than a decade, to reclaim this culture on a whole host of issues.


Congressman Peter Roskam

If you guys don’t succeed we are in trouble.  You must succeed.


Josh McDowell, Josh McDowell Ministry (a Cru Ministry)

Dr. Bill Bright once said, “I believe the only way we can change our culture is to find a way to network our high-influence leaders and inspire them to use their influence for God.”  Pinnacle Forum picked up that mantle and has helped thousands of leaders discover their focus, hone in on their calling and make an indelible impact for the name and cause of Christ in many cities across America.  Cru has benefited from the dynamic ministry focus of Pinnacle Forum and our enthusiasm for future collaborations with Pinnacle Forum Partners couldn’t be greater!


Dave Robinson, Executive Director, Church & City Movements, Cru

God is at work in the marketplace! God has strategically gifted His servants and placed them throughout the business community. It has been our privilege to work with Pinnacle Forum as they equip and connect people to leverage their influence and resources to expand God’s kingdom.


Henry and Richard Blackaby, Blackaby Ministries International

God has his people everywhere, and all of them are called to ‘the ministry.’  I’m thankful for Pinnacle Forum’s support for and equipping of those believers who are responding to God’s calling to live out their faith and advance the Kingdom of God in the marketplace.  Pinnacle Forum does vital work in our culture.


John Stonestreet – President, the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Over twenty plus years of helping successful marketplace leaders in mid-life transition, I have discovered that those who arrive at Halftime the healthiest have been in a peer group like what Pinnacle Forum America provides. What we read and who we surround ourselves with will shape who we become. I fully recommend Pinnacle Forum as a way to be around like-minded leaders who want to use their influence to serve others and advance Gods Kingdom.


Lloyd Reeb, Spokesperson for the Halftime Institute & Author of From Success to Significance

It’s increasingly clear that God is on the move in the marketplace, where the advancement of His kingdom is ripe with opportunity.  Pinnacle Forum is providing an invaluable service in this regard, offering Christian marketplace leaders, through its growing national network of forums, a path to grow in Christ and significantly impact the marketplace – and thus the culture – for Christ.


Hugh Whelchel, Executive Director, Institute for Faith, Work and Economics

Partners In Action


May 3, 2018 National Day of Prayer Breakfast – Central Illinois

Pinnacle Forum Central Illinois studied Gordon MacDonald’s book “A Resilient Life” last fall “semester”.  The book and the excellent study that Tim and Joe Thomas put out together was perhaps one of the most impactful studies we’ve ever done in Pinnacle Forum.

So we decided to bring Gordon to champaign for one our monthly breakfasts, albeit a special one. Our “Pinnacle Pursuit/Super Forum” Group hosted Gordon for dinner the night before, followed by a breakfast event on the National Day of Prayer where over 70 Partners, pastors and guests gathered to to pray for our nation, state and community and where Gordon spoke after corporate prayer time. Following that session, we hosted dozens of area pastors and ministry leaders for a special hour and a half with Gordon.  Gordon has in later life been a bit of a pastors pastor and that morning was no exception.

All in all the study and multiple events with Gordon really were a very very special time for our partners, guests and local pastors and ministry leaders.  Truly a Pinnacle Forum impactful experience all around!

Gordon was the epitome of a gentle spirit, exceptionally wise and a great story teller. Everyone was truly blessed!

Thanks to Tim & Joe Thomas vision to put together this study and Tim initiating the ask to Gordon.

The Central Illinois Story: Transformed Leaders Transforming the Culture

by Guy Rodgers, President & CEO

It all began with a lunch.

“It was around 2001 or 2002,” Rick Stephens recalls. “My friend Roger Roberson,

who was spending time in both Champaign and Scottsdale, had been introduced to something in Scottsdale called `Pinnacle Forum.’”

Roger remembers how he and some other business leaders in Champaign had been talking for some time about doing something — “we weren’t sure what” — that would activate Christian business leaders to work to improve the Champaign/Urbana community.

“I asked Ken Blanchard if he would come to Champaign and do a presentation to business leaders on `Lead Like Jesus,’” Roger told me. “We were able to work out a time in Ken’s busy schedule and began putting out invitations.”

The Modesto Story: A Tapestry of How Pinnacle Forum Can Impact Lives and a Community
By Guy Rodgers, Pinnacle Forum President & CEO

“It was late 2005,” Chuck recalls after a little thought. “I attended a Pinnacle Forum introduction meeting hosted by a man named Ralph Palmen.”

Chuck Bryant was a businessman who owned an oil and gas distribution company. He’s your classic connector: jovial with a wry wit, he loves to be with people, and they with him.

What he learned about Pinnacle Forum at that introduction meeting hooked him, and he’s never looked back.

He and a friend, Curtis Grant, started a new Forum, which effectively launched the Modesto Chapter of Pinnacle Forum…


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