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A look at how Pinnacle Forum is helping our Partners transformationally. Filmed at our 2016 National Conference.

My forum is definitely one of the highlights of my week. Spending quality time with leaders that I respect and trust is a blessing that provides professional and spiritual growth, encouragement, accountability, laughter and friendship. I believe Pinnacle Forum is a must for Christian leaders!


Robyn Y. Davis – President, Freedom House Ministries

What Partners shared about Pinnacle Forum’s impact on their lives. Filmed at our 2014 National Conference.

“Moving from Albuquerque to Phoenix in 2003 caused a void in my life for a few years.  Finding Pinnacle Forum was a God-send.  It has enabled me to resume my spiritual journey with purpose through the fellowship with men and women who have a solid commitment to God, family, and community.”


Colonel Richard “Dick” Toliver – USAF, Retired

Pinnacle Forum has helped me and our other Partners connect our Christ-calling to actual execution, made possible as we progressed through the ‘Four E’ strategy from ‘Encourage’ to ‘Execute.


David Sauter – CEO, Envano

The Pinnacle Forum experience ignites and unites the passion I have with other leaders to courageously live out our God-calling.


Steve Fedyski – COO, Pure Flix

My forum is one of the highlights of my week. Spending quality time with men I respect and trust is a blessing that I think too few Christians get to experience.


Don Mellon

It’s a joy to see God work in people’s lives, something I get to see all the time here in Pinnacle Forum.


Brian Cape

The only way to truly impact a society with Biblical principles is to touch the heart of the cultural mountains of that society. Pinnacle Forum serves as a place where individuals can personally grow and interact with others of like mind so that they are equipped, strengthened and supported in their efforts to reach the heart of those cultural mountains.


Linda Bowers – Senior Vice President & Wealth Advisor in the financial services industry

The book of Proverbs tells us if we associate with the wise we will become wise, and with many advisors our plans are sure to succeed. Pinnacle Forum has given me the opportunity to build real relationships with wise people who highly value a strong relationship with God. Pinnacle Forum will add close friends to your most valuable relationship list, help you grow in your walk, and discover and pursue God’s unique call for your life.


Joseph Laswell

In the mid-1970’s, Dr. Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham identified the importance for Christians to impact seven key Mountains of Culture. Pinnacle Forum brings together influential Christian leaders to help them discover their unique Christ-calling to influence these Mountains of Culture. We will do far more together than we can apart. Please join us, as “iron sharpens iron!” The world is crying out for help; we have the answer!


Judy Hulsey – Wealth Strategist, Allgen Financial Services

I always look forward to my forum meetings – It’s awesome to have a close group of Christian men who I respect and trust in my life that I can count on.


Dave Rolf – CEO Tag Messenger, Inc.

Partners In Action


The Modesto Story: A Tapestry of How Pinnacle Forum Can Impact Lives and a Community
By Guy Rodgers, Pinnacle Forum President & CEO

“It was late 2005,” Chuck recalls after a little thought. “I attended a Pinnacle Forum introduction meeting hosted by a man named Ralph Palmen.”

Chuck Bryant was a businessman who owned an oil and gas distribution company. He’s your classic connector: jovial with a wry wit, he loves to be with people, and they with him.

What he learned about Pinnacle Forum at that introduction meeting hooked him, and he’s never looked back.

He and a friend, Curtis Grant, started a new Forum, which effectively launched the Modesto Chapter of Pinnacle Forum…



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