What is a Forum?

  • A safe, confidential place for influential leaders.
  • Where leaders build deep personal relationships and invest in each other’s lives.
  • Where leaders engage in “peer-to-peer discipleship.”
  • Where resources used are designed to develop and unleash servant-leadership.
  • Where leaders discover and are encouraged to live out their unique callings to influence and transform the culture around them.
Example of a Forum in action.


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Our vision is to see Pinnacle Forum impact every region of the country and every one of the Seven Mountains of CultureFind out more about experiencing a free trial as a Pinnacle Forum Participant and how you can experience the joy of growth in Christ and service to others in the advancement of cultural transformation!

Jim-Mukoyama“Pinnacle Forum has helped me to be in a position to actively fulfill God’s purpose for my life…”

James Mukoyama, Jr., Major General (Ret.), President of  Military Outreach USA

Impact of Forums

As image bearers of the God who is love we were created for deep, authentic relationships.  But our reality is typically far removed from this ideal.  The norm, especially for influential leaders, is a life of acquaintances and colleagues but few, if any, close, trusting relationships.

The “value proposition” of Pinnacle Forum can be seen in our Partners, the lives of leaders that are changed and the influence these changed lives have on the world around them.

Our confidential Forums are designed to facilitate the discovery and development of the deep relationships God created us to experience.  As Forum Partners invest in each other’s lives and apply Pinnacle Forum’s distinctive Four “E” Strategy – Encourage, Equip, Engage, Execute — they walk a rich and exciting journey toward finding and fulfilling their unique Christ-calling for cultural transformation.

Frederick Buechner writes, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  Find out how you can discover and unlock that “deep gladness” in a Pinnacle Forum.

Pinnacle Forum Partners have had significant impact…

...in the film-making industry through the production of movies that honor rather than denigrate faith and family;
...in the film-making industry through the production of movies that honor rather than denigrate faith and family;
...in education and the family, through initiatives that empower at-risk youth, advance biblically-based values in public schools, and provide a “Bible as literature” curriculum for public schools;
...in government and law, where Partners provide pro-bono legal assistance to Christians whose religious liberties are threatened and where others occupy positions of influence among top government leaders and have helped elect Christians to public office.
...in service to our veterans, through programs that connect veterans to Christian churches and services that help them work through the “moral injury” of war;
...in service to our veterans, through programs that connect veterans to Christian churches and services that help them work through the “moral injury” of war;
...in evangelism and assistance to the poorest of the poor across the world;
...in business, where the advancement of the biblical philosophy of “faith and work” has helped change the business climate of an entire city.

Visiting a Forum

There are two paths you can choose to connect to a Forum. The first is what we call a “Participant,” the second is as a “Partner.”

A Participant is someone who sees the value of Pinnacle Forum and is interested in finding out more, but isn’t yet ready to sign up as a Partner. This is a “taste and see” opportunity, where we connect someone who wants to start as a Participant to an existing Forum or a new one that’s starting.

After a handful of times of experiencing a Forum, Participants then have the option to sign up as a Partner or decide that ongoing involvement with Pinnacle Forum in a Forum as a Partner is not for them at this time.Find out more about the Pinnacle Forum Partner commitment.

If you’d like to explore Pinnacle Forum as a Participant please contact us here about visiting a Forum.

A “Partner” is someone who becomes a member of Pinnacle Forum.

Video Forums

There are occasions where a Pinnacle Forum Partner does not have access to a local Forum or none currently exists in that Partner’s area.

In such instances we work to connect the Partner to other Partners via a “Video Forum.”  The Video Forum follows the same format as our in-person Forums.

Discover more about our Video Forums and how you can participate in one by scheduling a call with Pinnacle Forum’s President & CEO.

Find a Forum

We have Partners all across the country, as shown on the map. There are both video Forum and local Forum options. Local Forums are more typical of areas where we have many residing Partners. Most Forums are simply under our National umbrella, so if you feel you are ready to visit a Forum or just want to learn more, we’ll setup a call for you and Pinnacle Forum’s President & CEO as the next step. Just click the button below to fill out your name, email and zip code for us.

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