How the Forum Benefits a Young Successful Leader

What We Are Not

  • We are NOT a weekly Bible study group. Take a look at our distinctive Four “E” Strategy
  • We are NOT a weekly gathering group to hang out with other leaders.
  • We are NOT those who are complacent in our walk.
  • We are NOT those who sit idly by and complain about society, we are DOERS.
  • We are NOT pew sitters in our walk or believe in leaving our walk in the four walls of the church.
We understand who you are, and that’s why we do what we do – because that’s who we are.

Questions for You

What’s the value to you, of keeping your eye on the eternal prize?

What’s the value to you of living and working your God-given purpose and calling?

What’s the value to the Kingdom of you living and working for God’s glory?

How much would you pay a personal coach to help you discover and live out your Ephesians 2:10 work that God created for you to do?

You certainly could not do this for $100 per month!

What is a Partner?

A “Partner” is a member of Pinnacle Forum who commits to do the following:

  • Actively participate in a local or video Forum and avail yourself of your Partner Regional Connection group and one or more of our Partner Interest groups.
  • Work through his/her sphere of influence and employ time and resources to transform lives, communities and local and national culture.
  • Share the Good News of Jesus Christ with other influencers, and pray regularly for God’s guidance, wisdom and blessing upon Pinnacle Forum and its Partners and their impact on our culture.
  • Keep any information or knowledge gained about any Pinnacle Forum Partner confidential, unless given a release to do so by the Partner to share with others.
  • Acknowledge that I am a steward of God’s money and will contribute at least $1,200 per year or $100 per month to the Pinnacle Forum movement. Unless I reside in one of the Chapter areas, my entire investment is for the National Support Center to plant and grow Forums throughout the nation. Should I reside in a Chapter area, $800 of my annual support will provide support for this Chapter.
  • Refrain from self-promotion of business or organizations to other Partners.

How to Become a Partner

You can apply to become a Partner either online or using a printed version of our Partner Application Form.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions when filling out the application.

If you choose to fill out a printed version of the application you can mail it to us at the National Support Center, or fax it to 480.609.7002:

Pinnacle Forum
7950 E. Acoma Dr., Suite 211
Scottsdale, AZ  85260


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