McDonald’s Owner of the Year – Inspired

Don Mellon

Don-Mellon-McDonaldsStartDon Mellon, McDonald’s Owner of the Year 2005, Business of the Year 2007, Extensive Rotarian Leader; recipient of the Tin Man Award, whose family was granted the Most Giving family 2008 by the SW Valley Chamber of Commerce, is a military valedictorian; PMA, U.S.A.F., Luke AFB Fighter Country Partnership 2009. He attended University of Colorado, resides in Buckeye AZ, with his lovely wife Dorothy, has 2 sons, nine grandchildren and gets fired up about Jesus.

All seventeen of Don Mellon’s McDonald’s, slated to total twenty-five by 2016, belong to God says this humble powerhouse. What he thought was a part-time, dead end job 43 years ago, has become a passion where God is glorified.

Pinnacle Forum business leaders come together every other week and have an opportunity to share how their walk with the Lord has prospered them.  We also get a chance to network and call on one another if we’re having trouble. I believe it is important that Christians are there for one another. It is such an inspiration to know that I have brothers and sisters out there just like me.”

Don especially loves the mentoring portion of Pinnacle Forum, and spoke of his inspiration through National Board member Jerry Colangelo: “He hit the nail right on the head when he said it’s all about us going out in our community and telling everyone about Jesus. And that is my desire.”

“It’s not by accident that God put me in this place. As business leaders it’s important to lead in our communities; for people to see us as an example, that we’re godly people, that we’re different. We need to be BOLD for Christ! If we don’t stand up for God? SHAME ON US!

“And the man at the top of Pinnacle Forum is fantastic! Steve Fedyski and his wife Tracy are just good, good people. You come across people in life and there’s just some that touch your soul. Both of them have love for the Lord and that’s important. That’s what it’s all about.

“When you’re doing what you’re called to do, it’s not work, it’s fun, you love it! That’s why I love working in McDonald’s and Pinnacle Forum!”

Don Mellon’s start in McDonalds




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