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Using Our God-Given Authority

Richard Ford was a successful real estate broker in the Dallas area who became interested in politics forty-five years ago.

The Power of Women’s Forums

Sonya Morgan has been in the real estate business for more than 20 years, many of those at the head of her own private lending company. She’s a natural born sales woman and leader. “I sold everything I could sell growing up,” she says. “Business is in my blood…

Strategic Support

Dr. Ben Merkle is the second president of New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho. He holds a plethora of degrees and has a wealth of experience in academia. He has also served as a minister at Christ Church in Moscow. As Ben puts it…

Front Stage, Back Stage

Dr. Johnny Parker is an executive coach and “relationship architect.” He is an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University and has conducted personal and professional development seminars for more than 25 years. Along the way he’s served as life coach…

Civic Stewardship

The two things you are never to discuss in polite company are politics and religion. Debbie Wuthnow is up to her eyebrows in both. In a country where politics can be so divisive and many Christian leaders take very public stands on candidates and issues, how does she keep her balance?

Peak Experience

Usually political radio hosts just talk about Congress. Veteran broadcaster J.D. Hayworth has also talked in Congress. For 12 years. Elected to the House of Representatives from Arizona’s 6th congressional district at the age of 36, J.D. was the first…

Love & Politics

Ben Ungerman has an impressive military CV. Born and raised in a military family, he joined the Air Force after college. In his 25-year career he went on to earn Masters degrees from the National War College, Oklahoma University.

Taking Leaders to the Next Level

Dr. Lisa Strohman is a psychologist, attorney, author, and national speaker. She holds a PhD and J.D. from an integrated program in law and psychology at Villanova and Drexel Universities.

Staying Safe in a Digitally Connected World

Dr. Lisa Strohman is a psychologist, attorney, author, and national speaker. She holds a PhD and J.D. from an integrated program in law and psychology at Villanova and Drexel Universities.

Entrepreneur to Educator

This sums up the humble way in which Dwight Olson lives a life of genuine servant-leadership. What’s more, so much of how he has served and led has been behind the scenes…

I just make myself available

This sums up the humble way in which Dwight Olson lives a life of genuine servant-leadership. What’s more, so much of how he has served and led has been behind the scenes…

Seven Mountains and the Great Awakening

“We’re in this for the next Great Awakening. At ACU we want to prepare Christian students to go into every sphere of influence in our culture.”
– Len Munsil

The Galilean Institute

“The highest common denominator in Christianity is the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ,” says Mike Mobley. “We are rapidly approaching the 2000thanniversary of these events and this has captured my imagination.”

Diversity in Common

“We sat around and chatted informally,” Jeff recalls, “and I realized we all shared the same challenges even though we were in different businesses. This was a group of professionals with lots in common.

A Man of Letters

Doug Hunter has been CEO of: FCCI – Fellowship of Companies for Christ International, BPI – Business Partners International, WCCL – Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership.

A Foot in Two Worlds

I have two values that drove me to start the Kesher Forum ( The first is that Jewish people deeply matter to Jesus.

The Long View

When cancer, loss of a home and the financial meltdown of 2008 exposed gaps in the way he had built his businesses, Paul Kilzer decided God was trying to tell him something.

Sharing the Joy of Wellness

In one dramatic moment, Michael Ellison went from being a fit and healthy 50-year-old to being scared to death.

Working to End Extreme Poverty

When it comes to life stories, Henri Haber’s is one for the books. From his Jewish upbringing to his introduction to Jesus to his…

Jim O’Connor: Pinnacle Pulse on Camera

Candidate for Corporation Commission
President of the Arizona Republican Assembly (AZRA)

Pinnacle Pulse Update 3: Whatever happened to?

“Whatever happened to…?” is a question that comes our way from time to time, from people curious about the status of some of the Partners, passions and programs that have been profiled in Pinnacle Forum Pulses over the past several years.

Kathleen Winn: Pinnacle Pulse on Camera

Executive Director, Project 25

Living as a VIP Christian

Abraham Ajenifuja is a VIP – and he wants everyone to know that they can be one too. “In God’s eyes you are a Very Important Person, and…

Pinnacle Pulse Update 2: Whatever happened to?

“Whatever happened to…?” is a question that comes our way from time to time, from people curious about the status of some of the Partners, passions and programs that have been profiled in Pinnacle Forum Pulses over the past several years.

Pinnacle Pulse Update 1: Whatever happened to?

“Whatever happened to…?” is a question that comes our way from time to time, from people curious about the status of some of the Partners, passions and programs that have been profiled in Pinnacle Forum Pulses over the past several years.

Ed Delph: Pinnacle Pulse on Camera

Ed Delph   President, NATIONStrategy We are excited to present the next Pinnacle Pulse  on Camera! Periodically, we will be bringing you the experience of a Partner story through the media of video. We hope you enjoy and continue to follow our upcoming Pinnacle Pulse testimonials.

Does the Salton Sea have a prayer?

At roughly 350 square miles in size and with more than 115 miles of shoreline, the Salton Sea is California’s largest lake.
And that’s not all.
With the lake surface some 230 feet below sea level, it’s the second lowest spot in the U.S., trailing only Death Valley.

Emerging Leaders Initiative, Part 2

How can you tell that lives and workplaces are being transformed? “I’ve been able to intersect my work and faith with clarity on how to approach my career in a different way than I ever thought possible.”

Emerging Leaders Initiative, Part 1

“I wish I’d had something like this 20 or 30 years ago – it would have made a big difference in how I lived out my faith…”

Linda Bowers: Pinnacle Pulse on Camera

Vice President, Wealth Advisor for Arizona Bank & Trust. We are excited to present the second Pinnacle Pulse on Camera! Periodically, we will be bringing you the experience of a Partner story through the media of video.

Mike Winther: Biblical Principles of Government

What’s going on in government these days is inflaming many people’s passions, but for Mike Winther it goes to the heart of a different kind of passion – the God-given one that became his life’s calling.

Robyn Davis: Passion and Compassion

Robyn Davis has a passion and compassion – and she’s drawing on both to execute on her God-given calling to impact individuals, families and the culture for Christ.

Doug Napier: Pinnacle Pulse on Camera

Doug Napier  

John Grover: A Passion for the Poor

John Grover is a builder.

Churches, restaurants, medical buildings, assisted living centers, business and industrial facilities, educational centers – there are few things the Pinnacle Forum Partner in Modesto hasn’t built during more than 30 years in the commercial construction industry.

Richard Toliver: An Uncaged Eagle

He’s a decorated war veteran… a champion of racial equality… an accomplished author and motivational speaker… a devoted husband, father and grandfather… and a faith-filled follower of Jesus Christ.

Dan McConchie: Passion Meets Politics

“Adapt and Overcome” isn’t just another nice-sounding motivational slogan for Dan McConchie – it’s a personal motto that has accompanied him from the depths of a near-death experience to the heights of the government mountain.

Lonny Davis: Dignity Through Mobility

When it comes to executing on your God-given calling, you might say that Lonny Davis is a “wheeler and dealer” in the very best sense of the phrase.

Marlin Livingston: Hope Begins Here

“Hope Begins Here.” That’s the motto of Cunningham Children’s Home in Urbana, Illinois. And giving hope is what Marlin Livingston is all about.

Paul Weber: A Passion for Helping Families Flourish

“A nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.” If you think that sounds a lot like Pinnacle Forum’s vision and mission of encouraging and equipping people to engage and execute on their calling to foster a flourishing, God-honoring culture, you’re right.

Scott Caraboolad: Ride 4 Life

“A Once-Broken Life Now Rides 4 Life” When it comes to Pinnacle Forum’s Four “E”’s – encourage, equip, engage and execute – it’s that fourth and final one that can be the most challenging.

Mark Upton: Wrapping Kids with the Love of Jesus

To say that Mark Upton is a family man is an understatement. Granted, Mark is the father of three. And granted, he is the grandfather of 12. But on top of that, the Pinnacle Forum Partner is executing on his passion for families and children as president and chief executive officer of Christian Family Care.

Susan A. Marshall: Growing a Backbone

“Do you have a wishbone where a backbone ought to be?” If so, Susan A. Marshall wants to talk – and work – with you. As the founder of The Backbone Institute, the Partner in Pinnacle Forum in Wisconsin

Encouraging Risk-Takers to Execute

Timothy Hoerr believes in taking risks – as long as they’re the right kind taken for the right reason. “We can be salt and light by taking risks that are prompted by God’s Spirit,” the Pinnacle Forum Partner says. When it comes to the need for Christians to live out their faith,

David Everitt Sr: Living a ‘Four-E’ Life

When it comes to having a passion and a calling, David Everitt Sr. is crystal clear about his – and he’s doing something about it: “To see the Biblical values of the sanctity of human life, abstinence and marital fidelity restored to a foundation for our lives, families, communities, country and the nation.”

Dr. Glen Villanueva and the “Modesto Miracle”

Dr. Glen Villanueva has had many “God assignments” in his life – among them a campus ministry internship in college; a medical practice treating immigrants, undocumented workers, gang members, drug users and others who are unwanted and underserved; a non-profit ministry and a co-authored book helping people turn their focus from self to Savior.

Executing a Passion for Next Generation Monitoring

Like most Pinnacle Forum Partners, Clifton “Clif” Fenton is deeply disturbed by what’s happening to our culture, from the decline of traditional Judeo-Christian values to the breakdown of the family to the deterioration in personal ethics and more.

From Success to Significance

When it comes to the “personal and cultural transformation” that is at the heart of Pinnacle Forum, Rick Zorehkey is a great example of God’s power to change lives. For more than two decades, Rick seemed to “have it all” –

For Many the War Goes On

James Mukoyama, Jr. For James Mukoyama, Jr., each new morning brings the same thought to his mind: “Every day is a great day – I have my faith, my family, and I live in the greatest country in the world.” And, the Partner in Pinnacle Forum’s Greater Chicago Chapter definitely […]

Retiring is Not an Option

Bruce Everette In his 44-year career with Safeway Inc., Bruce Everette went from grocery bagger to executive vice president, responsible for retail operations of 10 divisions, more than 1,700 stores and 180,000 employees in the U.S. and Canada. He had gone as far as he could go except for CEO, […]

Personal Faith & Public Service

Mike McCormick Of the seven Cultural Mountains Pinnacle Forum Partners seek to influence for Christ—arts & entertainment, business, education, family, government, media and religion—none is trickier to traverse than government. The political process is exhausting, expensive and fraught with personal exposure. Mike McCormick knows this from experience. He narrowly missed […]

When The Group Stands Tall

Angelo Kleronomos & Bill Read Kurt Becker played guard for the World Champion Chicago Bears and was roommates with quarterback Jim McMahon. These days he’s the coach of his alma mater, East Aurora High School near Chicago. Kurt has a successful business and didn’t need to get into coaching. He […]

Serving Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Cottrell Pinnacle Forum Partner, Jonathan Cottrell ( was fascinated by entrepreneurship as a child long before he knew the word or could spell it. By eleven, he was running neighborhood businesses after reading a book of business ideas for kids. Born and raised in Phoenix, he came to a […]

4:9 & 2:10

Tammy Vallejo Pinnacle Forum Partner, Tammy Vallejo is the President of E49 (, which stands for Ecclesiastes 4:9, “Where two are better than one … and a three cord strand cannot be broken.” “E49 exists to connect, resource and mobilize civic, business, non-profit, church and community leaders to respond to […]

Sexual Slavery in America

Debbie Johnson “I first heard of human trafficking in 2007,” says Pinnacle Forum Partner, Debbie Johnson, Founder and CEO of Without Permission, Inc ( “Learning of the sale, sexual exploitation and murder of little girls in Mexico broke my heart. I began to research this bondage and it has become […]

Life as a Triathlon

Daniel Bernard Pinnacle Forum Partner, Daniel Bernard has three full time jobs. He runs his own business; he’s the President and Founder of Somebody Cares Tampa Bay (, and he’s a movie producer for The Favorite. Along the way, he has been married for 32 years, raised a family of six children, and […]

Making Movies That Matter

Michael Scott Pinnacle Forum Partner, Michael Scott is managing Partner of Pure Flix ( Along with David A. R. White and Russell Wolfe, he started the company in 2005 with a mission to produce, distribute and acquire Christ-centered movies, “for the sole purpose of changing our culture for Christ, one heart at […]

Beyond Church Walls – Love Our Cities

Jeff Pishney Love Our Cities ( is a national organization that grew out of the concern of one church—Big Valley Grace Community Church—for one city—Modesto, California. It started with outreach pastor Jeff Pishney asking himself: “Why is our city on lists of the worst cities in America? If our churches […]

Uniqueness & Unity

Rodney Cox Pinnacle Forum Partner, Rodney Cox started Ministry Insights International ( in 2001 after a successful career as a manager for a major tool supplier. During that time, he had learned the power of behavioral assessments as a way to better screen potential franchise owners. He felt called to apply what he’d […]

Legacy of Servant Leaders

John Lochner Pinnacle Forum Partner, John Lochner became a Servant later in life and went from being retired to active duty in. the Kingdom. After a career in retail and insurance, John had sold his insurance agency in 2009 and a few years later he and his wife, Kathy, started Legacy Group of […]

Godfather to God the Father

Michael Franzese Michael Franzese is the only high-ranking official of a major crime family to ever walk away, without protective custodies, and survive. The son of John “Sonny” Franzese, notorious Underboss of New York’s Colombo crime family, Michael is reported to have made more money for a crime family than […]

Executive Coach, Everyday Role Model

Chasity Kuttrus Chasity Kuttrus is a business owner, strategic thinker and executive coach with more than 20 years experience with Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial firms. She started her career at Andersen Consulting, then sharpened her project management skills at the NC Group/CompuCom, where she managed their entire regional HR […]

Reinvigorating Business

Phil Clements Based on extensive research and experience, Phil Clements believes that Christianity laid the foundations for the commercial world. He also thinks current global trends are taking us away from this solid foundation, to our peril. Phil knows what he’s talking about. He’s the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Business […]

Sallt of the Earth

Wes Lane A native son of Oklahoma City, Wes Lane received his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Oklahoma. After graduating in 1981, he spent the next twenty-one years as an Oklahoma County prosecutor, which included serving for almost six years as the Oklahoma County District Attorney. During […]

High Marks for California Educator

Cindy Marks Above photos – Top to Bottom: Cindy was was chair of the Legislative Committee at the California State Capitol, Cindy talks with California Senator Dianne Feinstein, Cindy meets with California Governor Jerry Brown at the Capitol. How does a conservative Christian woman get consistently chosen to help shape […]

Solving Problems = Influence

OS Hillman “It only takes three-to-five percent of a leadership operating at the tops of cultural  mountains to shift those mountains,” says Os Hillman, founder of Marketplace Leaders. “This is what the same gender community has done by dominating Arts and Entertainment and Media. They have totally shifted the public’s […]

Multiplying Kingdom Influence

John Cummuta John Cummuta served 11 years in the Navy right out of high school. Before being discharged, he met Jesus while helping his parents with a teen ministry event. He recalls, “At one of the weekend retreats my parents conducted for high school students, I accepted Jesus’ sacrifice, asked […]

From Reporting on Culture to Changing It

Mark Vasche For more than 40 years, Mark Vasché worked as a journalist and newspaper executive.  Being a Christian in the media wasn’t always easy  – not that it’s supposed to be – but Mark knew that God had placed him there for a reason:  To be salt and light […]

Driving Change for Urban Youth

Bob Barbee Bob Barbee knows cars. He began working at a car dealer in 1969 in the Sacramento area and ten years later owned his first dealership. He moved to Denver in 1988 and bought a Ford dealership, which he still owns. Along the way he’s owned dealerships in ten […]

A Special Message from our former President & CEO

Steve Fedyski Dear Friends, Over the past year, we have been encouraged by stories of Pinnacle Forum Partners who have committed themselves to become well-trained disciples and catalysts for cultural change. The greatest moments for God’s people come when they seek Him in prayer and obey Him with boldness, going […]

Pinnacle Forum Changes Chaplain

Dwight Olson Dwight Olson, Pinnacle Forum Chaplain & National Board Member; Founder & CEO Olson Investment Advisors, LLC; Former Asst Mgr Mutual of NY and Phx Mutual; Financial and Investment Planning Teacher/Speaker, published in Seattle Business Journal & Daily Journal of Commerce, and featured on KIRO radio; Former President Christian […]

‘Generational’ Pinnacle Forum Partners

Richard Mahler Richard Mahler Senior, Co-Founder CEO: Tepidus (a philanthropic umbrella company), HERO Employees Services, Richard Mahler & Associates, Int’l Children’s Support Foundation (ICF); Co-founder The Xperience Outreach; Recipient of various community service awards. Rich has been married 31 years and resides in Staten Island, NY. Richard Mahler Junior, Co-Founder […]

‘God’s Provisions Incomprehensible’

Phil Battin Phil Battin,Vice Chairman Pinnacle Forum Chicago; Sr. VP GCG Financial; NY United Nations Christian Embassy Board; Former Board Fellowship of Christian Athletes; YMCA Chaplain, Leader Navigator YMCA Indian Princesses; Former Benevolence Counselor, Willow Creek Church, South Barrington, IL. B.S. Finance & Acctng, Cedarville Univ; CFP De Paul Univ; […]

Dynamic Founder, ‘Just a Farm Boy from Iowa’

Merrill Oster Merrill Oster is the Founder of Pinnacle Forum America and current member of its National Board. He is a dynamic businessman, international journalist, publishing entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker. (For a complete bio, see Merrill resides in Illinois and Arizona with his lovely wife Carol, has 2 […]

Pinnacle Forum Strengthens Warrior Filmmaker

Russell Wolf Russell Wolfe, CEO & Managing Partner Pure Flix Entertainment, Inc.; Owner/President Premier Event Management. He resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with wife, Alysoun and their 2 young children.  Click to watch Russell Wolfe on Vimeo Russell Wolfe found Pinnacle Forum in 2008, just 3 years after the inception of Pure […]

Theater Draws Crowds From 15 States

Rick Klopcic Rick Klopcic, President of Fireside Dinner Theater in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, one of the most popular attractions in the Midwest; Former Pinnacle Forum National Board Member; Former Member YPO, Current Member WPO; Various church boards; 2006 Grand Prize Winner of the prestigious Jones Dairy Farm ‘America’s Best Restaurant […]

Growth Strategist Poised For Battle on OHIO Board

David A. Cook David A. Cook, Consultant to Multiple Entrepreneurial Ventures and High Impact Non-profits; CFO for SDG Inc. (a Cleveland Clinic start-up venture) & ‘Truth For Life’ Ministry, Former CFO Matrix Essentials Inc.; Former CPA- Arthur Andersen & Co.; Boards of Entrepreneurs EDGE, NEO Pinnacle Forum, NEO Leadership Foundation, […]

Evangelist Heads up Chicago Chapter

George Kawasaki George Kawasaki, Managing Director Ronald Blue & Co, (one of the largest independent fee-only RIA firms in the U.S. providing financial counsel based on Biblical principles), Chicago, IL; CPA; Financial Planner & Investment Advisor; Former Sr. Auditor Deloitte & Touche; Former Sr. Manager Kraft Foods; MBA, Northwestern Univ J.L. […]


Chuck Stetson CEO Essentials in Education; Managing Director, PEI Funds; Yale; Columbia Univ. School of Business; LLD Concordia Univ., Portland; U.S. Navy; Nat’l Speaker on education; FOX News CBS Sunday Morning and The TODAY Show. Numerous Associate Press articles, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek and TIME Magazine. […]

“One Nation under… God?”

Dick Toliver Top Left: Major Dick Toliver F-15 Operational Test Pilot 1975; Bottom Left: Dick and Peggy – 47th Wedding Anniversary; Bottom Right: Dick’s Family COLONEL RICHARD ‘DICK’ TOLIVER, USAF, RET. Protégé of the Tuskegee Airmen, Author, Publisher, Motivational Speaker The timing of Colonel Richard Toliver’s interview is chilling. Not […]

Pinnacle Forum ‘Tastes Good’ to Flavor Expert

Joe Slawek Geneva, IL July 2012 Picnic for over 550 employee family members. (FONA lobby) Slawek Family Left to Right: Daughter-in-law Megan, son Luke, holding their daughter Elliana; daughter Joy, Joe, wife Mary, son Kirk, and his wife Mallory. Joe Slawek, Founder FONA Int’l; Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame; Sr. Nat’l Acct […]

Modesto Businessman Rocks His World

Chuck Bryant Chuck Bryant, Pinnacle Forum National Board; Honor Graduate California State University; Founder CL Bryant Inc.; Interim CEO Sunlogics Inc.; Former Exec Director Pinnacle Forum Modesto CA. Investor/Consultant for multiple business startups for members of the Body of Christ. Chuck is happily married to wife Cheryl and enjoys spending […]

Financial Exec Finds Wealth in Christ

Cliff Keeling Cliff Keeling, City U of NY; BS Science Marketing/Management/ Economics; 22 yrs. Sales/Marketing/Management; Advertising/Health Care. Strategist ‘Wealth and Legacy Group Inc. ’; Pinnacle Forum NYC Board ; Church Leadership Team; Non-profit ‘Children of the City’; Board of Directors NYC ‘City Action Coalition Int’l.’ Happily married to wife Diane […]

What’s in it For God?

Dr. Glen Villanueva is a Board Certified Family Physician and Teacher of Resident Physicians and Medical Students; Community activist; Pinnacle Forum Modesto Board member; Cofounder Shoestring Ministries; Author, Radio Host, “The Me Addiction.” He is happily married to wife, Yvonne of 15 years and has 2 daughters Maya, 12, and Ani, 10.

McDonald’s Owner of the Year – Inspired

Don Mellon, McDonald’s Owner of the Year 2005, Business of the Year 2007, Extensive Rotarian Leader; recipient of the Tin Man Award, whose family was granted the Most Giving family 2008 by the SW Valley Chamber of Commerce, is a military valedictorian; PMA, U.S.A.F., Luke AFB Fighter Country Partnership 2009. He attended University of Colorado, resides in Buckeye AZ, with his lovely wife Dorothy, has 2 sons, nine grandchildren and gets fired up about Jesus.

“My faith was ‘activated’ by Pinnacle Forum!”

Steve Hillard, Pinnacle Forum’s National Chairman of the Board, is an Ag-Business graduate of Illinois State University, former Redbird football player, Banker (TX & IL), and Manufacturing Company owner and/or CEO. Mr. Hillard has owned and/or been CEO of 6 different companies (2 bank, 4 manufacturing). He has been happily married to his bride, Christine, for 28 years. They have 3 beautiful children ages 23, 20, 17.


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