Who Do We Serve?

  • “The Profile of a Typical Pinnacle Forum Partner”The “lonely Christian leader” – the leader with many colleagues and acquaintances but few, if any, close, trusted Christian confidantes.
  • The leader who is concerned about the deterioration of our culture and who is passionate about living out “love thy neighbor” by transforming the culture.
  • The leader who doesn’t want to settle for mediocrity but who deeply desires to walk the path with Christ to maturity.
  • The leader who wants to be empowered and unleashed for greater servant-leadership.

We understand who you are, and that’s why we do what we do – because that’s who we are.

What is a Participant?

There are two ways leaders can initially get involved in Pinnacle Forum. One is as a “Partner” (described below), and the other is as a “Participant.”

A Participant is someone who sees the value of Pinnacle Forum and is interested in finding out more, but isn’t yet ready to sign up as a Partner. This is a “taste and see” opportunity, where we connect someone who wants to start as a Participant to an existing Forum or a new one that’s starting.

“The Pinnacle Forum mission, to equip, empower and unleash influential Christian leaders to discover and live out their unique calling and purpose, means that whatever Christians are doing to spread the gospel and advance the kingdom of God, we are competitive with none, and complementary to all.”
Guy Rodgers, President & CEO

After a handful of times of experiencing a Forum, Participants then have the option to sign up as a Partner or decide that ongoing involvement with Pinnacle Forum in a Forum as a Partner is not for them at this time.

Our Promise to You

  • We respect you as a leader so we don’t hard sell what we offer; we invite you to join us. To us, you’re not a customer, consumer or a number.
  • We know you’re busy (leaders always are), so we respect your time. We’ll work with you to give you the best opportunity to experience a Forum on a trial basis in a way that works with your schedule.
  • We respect your decision whether or not to become a Pinnacle Forum Partner. We want you to be the best you can be in Christ, even if it means you choosing not to be a part of our community at this time.

We’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of leaders just like you grow in Christ AND discover and live out God’s unique calling and purpose for their lives.

Contact us and let’s talk.

What is a Partner?

A “Partner” is a member of Pinnacle Forum who commits to do the following:

  • Actively participate in a local Forum or Video TeleForum, TeleConferences, the National Conference and other Pinnacle Forum events, for the purpose of on-going personal transformation in Christ and to discover and execute his/her God-given calling to transform culture..
  • Work through his/her sphere of influence and employ time and resources to transform lives, communities and local and national culture.
  • Share the Good News of Jesus Christ with other influencers, and pray regularly for God’s guidance, wisdom and blessing upon Pinnacle Forum and its Partners and their impact on our culture.
  • Keep any information or knowledge gained about any Pinnacle Forum Partner confidential, unless given a release to do so by the Partner to share with others.
  • Support the Pinnacle Forum movement with a contribution of at least $1,200 per year (or $100 per month). $800 of this investment provides support for the local Chapter and $400 provides support for the National Support Center to plant and grow Forums and Chapters across the nation.
  • Refrain from self-promotion of business or organizations to other Partners.

Why Become a Partner

We’re often asked, “what’s the benefit of being a Pinnacle Forum Partner?”  The greatest “benefit” is what happens to each of us! — the personal transformation that comes through active participation in a Forum and Pinnacle Forum events.

Modesto-Mens-Forum-square-tableAs God transforms us from the inside out He conforms us to the image of Christ. It is through this transformation (theologians call it “sanctification”) that we find the joy, peace and abundant life Jesus promised us – the greatest “benefit” of all.  It’s this transformation we strive for through our Forums.

Our Forum experience also offers the immeasurable benefit of entering into and nurturing deep, confidential and authentic relationships with other Christian leaders.  As we invest in each others’ lives we experience the promise of community that is our rightful inheritance in Christ but which too many Christian leaders do not realize or enjoy.

“We need a safe place…we talk about our victories, losses, struggles and successes with our peers.  We desperately need what’s available in a Forum.”Bob Barbee, Member of the Board of Directors, Elevate Phoenix

Through Pinnacle Forum, influential leaders have the opportunity to grow in, model and proclaim the transformative message of Jesus, “I did not come to be served but to serve.”  In other words, to move beyond earthly success to eternal significance.

Because we were created to express the image of Christ in love to others, we then find fulfillment in the discovery and execution of our unique calling to be salt and light in our culture.  This is the second significant benefit of Pinnacle Forum – helping you discover and execute God’s purpose to which you were called.  As Frederick Buechner writes, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

Partners and friends gathering at a 2016 Wisconsin Leadership Summit

Partners and friends at a 2016 Wisconsin Leadership Summit

Buechner’s observation is that there is deep satisfaction, exhilaration, even delight in discovering and acting upon what God created you to do.

What happens in a Forum? The Check-in (Encourage); the Study (Equip); the Discussion of Cultural Impact (Engage and Execute).

Our Forums and Four “E” Strategy will help you discover what that “deep gladness” is, what you were uniquely created to do to advance God’s kingdom, and how you can execute this to move beyond earthly success to eternal significance.

The third Partner benefit is the opportunity to help plant and cultivate Pinnacle Forum Chapters and Forums across the country.  Pinnacle Forum is a national movement with a national footprint, in obedience to the Great Commission command to make disciples of all nations.

You help us reach others with your time, talents and financial resources. In doing so each of us becomes empowered by being part of a move of God to fulfill the Great Commission that is bigger than ourselves.

What do Partners get for their $100 a month contribution?

Pinnacle Forum then provides you practical benefits to assist you in realizing the benefits of personal and cultural transformation described above.  These include:

Partner Benefits

Password-protected access to our Pinnacle Forum Partner Portal.

  • Connect with other Pinnacle Forum Partners across the country by accessing the Partner Directory.
  • Connect with Partners who share your particular area of passion and calling within the Seven Mountains of Culture.
  • Manage your Partnership, Event registrations and other Donations.

Discounted rates for our National Conference, regional events and seminars.screenshot-pinnacleforum.us 2016-02-25 18-16-14

Access to best practices for Chapter and Forum development.

screenshot-pinnacleforum.us 2016-03-15 13-01-12

Access to nationally-known speakers through events such as our live monthly TeleConferences.

screenshot-pinnacleforum.us 2016-02-25 18-17-19

How to Become a Partner

You can apply to become a Partner either online or using a printed version of our Partner Application Form.

If there is a Pinnacle Forum Chapter in your area the Executive Director can assist you in filling out the application.  If there is no
Executive Director in your area, feel free to contact us if you have any questions when filling out the application.

If you choose to fill out a printed version of the application you can mail it to us at the National Support Center, or fax it to 480.609.7002:

Pinnacle Forum
7950 E. Acoma Dr., Suite 211
Scottsdale, AZ  85260

Find a Forum

We have Partners all across the country, as shown on the map. There are both video Forum and local Forum options. Local Forums are more typical of areas where we have many residing Partners. Most Forums are simply under our National umbrella, so if you feel you are ready to visit a Forum or just want to learn more, we’ll setup a call for you and Guy Rodgers, Pinnacle Forum’s President & CEO as the next step. Just click the button below to fill out your name, email and zip code for us.

Connect to Central Illinois Chapter

Email Executive Director, Tim Johnson.

Connect to Rapid City SD Chapter

Email Executive Director, Bob Parsons.


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