What’s in it For God?

Dr. Glen Villanueva

“Dr. Glen Villanueva is a Board Certified Family Physician and Teacher of Resident Physicians and Medical Students; Community activist; Pinnacle Forum Modesto Board member; Cofounder Shoestring Ministries; Author, Radio Host, “The Me Addiction.” He is happily married to wife, Yvonne of 15 years and has 2 daughters Maya, 12, and Ani, 10.”


Dr. Glen Villanueva wants to point people to Jesus through his medical work, his family, his ministries and everything in between.

“God led me to Pinnacle Forum. Through my connection with these men and women of faith, I have been encouraged and supported in my ministry efforts. I’m inspired to collaborate and build relationship bridges with others for the good of our world regardless of church affiliation, so that others would see Jesus and experience his love more clearly. In Pinnacle Forum, I see a living, breathing example of the one church, one Christ, one God model that I read about in the Bible.”

Seeing the leaders in Pinnacle Forum who have Christ centered, praying lives, in active pursuit of God’s purposes in their communities and beyond, challenges this Philippine born physician to do the same.

He treats the less fortunate in California; field workers, elderly, addicted, etc.  He’s served in numerous disaster relief efforts, i.e., hurricanes Katrina and Ike; even medical missions in Kenya, Tanzania, Guyana and most recently, Haiti.

“This photo was taken while I was seeing patients at a mobile medical clinic held at a rural church in Sainte Marthe, Haiti in October 2012.  The ‘appointment’ was for only one patient, but how could I say no to that beautiful family? Of course I saw all five of them!”



Co-founder of Shoestring Ministries (shoestringministries.org) Dr. Villanueva influences people to replace culture’s focus of self with Christ. “Me Addiction: having it my way isn’t so great after all,” a book he co-authored, has been endorsed by bestselling author/ pastor, Max Lucado.  His radio spot “The Me Addiction Minute,” airs several times a day in Central California.

How does he carve out time for God?

“I don’t carve out time for God; I carve out time for everything else,” says the devoted doctor.


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