Modesto Businessman Rocks His World

Chuck Bryant

Chuck Bryant, Pinnacle Forum National Board; Honor Graduate California State University; Founder CL Bryant Inc.; Interim CEO Sunlogics Inc.; Former Exec Director Pinnacle Forum Modesto CA. Investor/Consultant for multiple business startups for members of the Body of Christ. Chuck is happily married to wife Cheryl and enjoys spending time with his family.


In 2005, Chuck Bryant’s small business in Modesto had grown by almost a quarter of a billion dollars in annual sales. But Chuck knew there was more to his life’s purpose.

After a meeting with former Pinnacle Forum CEO, Ralph Palmen, and a small group of men recommended by Chuck’s pastor, everything changed.  They began Pinnacle Forum Modesto, gathering, realizing they had bought the lie that you could never accumulate enough. In 2006 Bryant felt led to sell his company.

Chuck’s hometown was drastically headed downhill morally, economically and financially. Pinnacle Forum Modesto stepped in, applying its values, teachings and influence, to help work toward a transformation of the city.

They helped to create after school programs and a summer school staffed with loving volunteers; a love some children never knew, opening the door for similar Partnerships in other local elementary schools.

Pinnacle Forum Local School Board members greatly influenced the State’s School Boards, affecting the education of children all over California.

The County Sheriff influenced the Juvenile System, and Parole Department, dramatically cutting the recidivism rate for program participants; even requiring all new parolees to go through the same education with equally dramatic results!

Doctors, lawyers, CPA’s, and City Council influenced their worlds;

They created battered women havens and local centers for women with addictions;

‘Love Modesto’ which sponsors the matching up of thousands of volunteers to hundreds of local needs, birthed ‘Love events’ in over 25 California cities,  gaining national recognition.

Globally, Pinnacle Forum Partners from Modesto have initiated the collection, reconditioning and distribution of wheelchairs to third world countries, orphanages in Cambodia, water transport to farms in Uganda, and the starting of small business in third world countries.

Chuck Bryant now serves as Chairman on Pinnacle Forum’s National Board. To date, Pinnacle Modesto has grown to over 100 leaders around Modesto and Forums are being established in greater Sacramento, San Jose, and San Francisco!


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