“One Nation under… God?”

Dick Toliver

Dick-Toliver-photocollageTop Left: Major Dick Toliver F-15 Operational Test Pilot 1975; Bottom Left: Dick and Peggy – 47th Wedding Anniversary; Bottom Right: Dick’s Family

COLONEL RICHARD ‘DICK’ TOLIVER, USAF, RET. Protégé of the Tuskegee Airmen, Author, Publisher, Motivational Speaker

The timing of Colonel Richard Toliver’s interview is chilling. Not only did it ‘accidentally’ fall on our 4th of July issue, it’s on the heels of the historical Supreme Court’s decision regarding same-gender couples, one of the issues discussed with passion by this fighter pilot who has spent a lifetime serving America (including two combat tours in Viet Nam). The Colonel fears the worst, but believes and prays that Pinnacle Forum can make a difference. He spoke of the need to, ‘hold the moral and spiritual ground that we are losing’.

“It shakes me, because it’s like, my God, our country is disobeying God and it’s as if they don’t know the horrendous consequence for a nation who no longer believes that the Lord is God! They don’t know about God or what He says about these issues we are calling political and civil rights issues. So they are falling victim to the stuff that’s happening. The evil people know what it means.

“The people are oblivious to the Word of God and to righteousness. Their whole world is conditional on whatever ‘right’ means today. If you were to ask them, ‘Do you know what God requires of you as a human being in 2013?’ they would have no knowledge of that. God? What do you mean? What are you talking about? They don’t know that they’re going to be held accountable, even though they’re ignorant!

“Are we in end times? Good Lord! This is why I’m so concerned! This is why I pray every day; I’m beseeching my children and anyone who dares to listen to pray for them (America).”

Since Dick’s recruitment into Pinnacle Forum by Don Mellon in Dec 2012, he has been able to re-establish key relationships like those he’s had with people who have passed on.

“I was looking and praying for a close circle of men in particular, where I could share my personal feelings and the commitment to God and family; those I could trust, love, and respect- apart from the church and the great circle of people I know. The personal accountability and spiritual growth is something I saw and I get that. I am blessed that Pinnacle Forum does that.”

Colonel Toliver has worked with Ross Perot, Martin Luther King III, Mrs. Coretta Scott King, and had a key role in development of the Tuskegee Airmen National Center. He’s currently writing a book entitled, “Woman, the Greatest of God’s Creation,” which he hopes to complete by summer’s end.

Our humble Colonel’s love for America begins at home.

“My greatest achievement is what I’ve done personally, trying to be a godly husband and father to my godly wife of over fifty years, Margaret (‘Peggy’, a twenty-five year colon cancer survivor) and my children, three biological, five adopted ‘by love’, thirteen grandchildren and two great-granddaughters.”


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