Growth Strategist Poised For Battle on OHIO Board

David A. Cook

David A. Cook, Consultant to Multiple Entrepreneurial Ventures and High Impact Non-profits; CFO for SDG Inc. (a Cleveland Clinic start-up venture) & ‘Truth For Life’ Ministry, Former CFO Matrix Essentials Inc.; Former CPA- Arthur Andersen & Co.; Boards of Entrepreneurs EDGE, NEO Pinnacle Forum, NEO Leadership Foundation, Lifework Leadership, Ambassadors in Sport, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Parkside Church. Case Western Reserve Univ. Accounting Grad; David resides in Cleveland, Ohio, with wife of 36 yrs., Bonnie, and has 3 children, Laura, Linnea, and Phillip.

David Cook’s strategic influence on businesses like ‘Matrix’, ‘SDG’ and ministries like ‘Truth For Life’, ‘Parkside’, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes’, tells only a portion of his story. The rest of ‘Dave’s story involves his love for God and His people, which makes him feel like a friend you’ve known your whole life.

Over the past year Dave has Partnered with CEO Steve Fedyski in launching Pinnacle Forum (‘PF’) in Northeastern Ohio (‘NEO’).  Dave shares his heart for the area:

“Pinnacle Forum can be a catalyst to connect believers who otherwise operate independently in silos from different churches across an entire region. We hope to become catalysts for a collectively shared vision leading to city-wide and regional transformation. It’s a dynamic process as relationships grow.

“I’m a visionary. We need a ‘Gideon’s Army’ of marketplace leaders involved in Forums across NEO. Once a significant network of leaders is established, Lord-willing, you achieve a critical mass and that becomes very impactful in accomplishing His Kingdom work.”

When first approached by Steve about getting involved with PF, Dave was hesitant because his plate was full. Now he sees that his involvement has actually helped him with his many projects and has expanded his vision for each one exponentially.

Dave states, “God knows what He intends to accomplish with each of us. I think He’s interactively connecting His people to fulfill His purposes. This was integral part of Bill Bright’s original vision for Pinnacle Forum who considered it the most significant ministry he’d ever launched. Now, with someone like Steve Fedyski, I think Pinnacle Forum is just beginning to achieve the potential Bright envisioned.”

“God didn’t intend for us to live out our Christ walk in a vacuum, in isolation. Being part of a small group of leaders is part of the process of your own personal transformation.”

Dave’s favorite attribute of God is His unconditional love. “It’s a free gift. Mind-boggling.”

Cook wants to finish strong.  “As you mature in Christ, you’re just thankful for the opportunity to spend an eternity in heaven. Your response is to reciprocate His love through service.”


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