‘God’s Provisions Incomprehensible’

Phil Battin

Phil Battin,Vice Chairman Pinnacle Forum Chicago; Sr. VP GCG Financial; NY United Nations Christian Embassy Board; Former Board Fellowship of Christian Athletes; YMCA Chaplain, Leader Navigator YMCA Indian Princesses; Former Benevolence Counselor, Willow Creek Church, South Barrington, IL. B.S. Finance & Acctng, Cedarville Univ; CFP De Paul Univ; Graduate of the Masters Program. Phil resides in St. Charles IL, with his wife Britta of 17 ½ years and is very involved in the lives of their 5 children, ages 10-15 years old.

“Finances are a symptom of the person, not a source of the person,” says Phil Battin, financial planner and wealth manager, who decided to build his business on the principle of Matthew 6, to ‘seek first the kingdom of God’….

In 1995, while at a Promise Keepers event he made a covenant with God; to never look at people with dollar signs in his eyes. He wanted to be life-giving to the person across the table or on the other side of the phone.

God‘s favor and blessings abounded. Phil is ranked in the top one-half of one percent of financial planners in the world.

Battin believes God sustains and provides for him, “because of my obedience.” He hasn’t even asked for a referral for almost a decade. Phil’s blessings include consulting on issues for the United Nations in New York City, mentoring athletes like the Chicago Bears, and lead Navigator for the Adventure Princesses caring for the needs of other dads and daughters through counseling and various programs.

Phil joined Pinnacle Forum about 4 years ago.

“Pinnacle Forum brings camaraderie and community without the dangers or the lack of safety because when you feel somebody wants to negotiate their own agenda, you’re careful what you say and what you don’t say. Whatever you say can be used against you for a sales pitch. Frankly, when I look at Pinnacle, it’s a band of brothers, here for a cause greater than ourselves.

“Pinnacle Forum also brings redirection. Who, really, am I? What mountain of influence really matters to me? Who else are in that mountain?”

Battin feels safe in his Forum where he can be transparent, connected and transformed- out of the ‘theoretical box’- onto the war path- taking back this land one heart at a time.

“If we’re too busy to do that, the results will continue; the erosion of the principles that made our country great. I just want to be a part of that band of brothers, an offensive line, immoveable. I only want to be with men that are willing to stand in that gap with me; that I can be in a foxhole with.”

He also bragged on his Chicago Forum’s pastoral teacher, John Bell, quoting many of his ‘gold nuggets.’

Phil makes family a priority, trying to be as connected in their lives as possible, while making a living. His five children are all in two to three sports.

“Between the youth group, the Indian (aka ‘Adventure’) Princesses and Cub Scouts at one time -it’s just- the plate is never empty, but it’s good.”


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