‘Generational’ Pinnacle Forum Partners

Richard Mahler

Richard Mahler Senior, Co-Founder CEO: Tepidus (a philanthropic umbrella company), HERO Employees Services, Richard Mahler & Associates, Int’l Children’s Support Foundation (ICF); Co-founder The Xperience Outreach; Recipient of various community service awards. Rich has been married 31 years and resides in Staten Island, NY.
Richard Mahler Junior, Co-Founder CEO: Tepidus; President: Richard Mahler & Associates, ICF, Xperience; College of Staten Island; Recipient St. Roch Compassion for Children Award; leadership award for supporting U.S. troops; member Int’l Delegation Sports Power to Israel.

When you speak to Rich Mahler Jr., Pinnacle Forum’s youngest member, you know someone has impacted his life for God, but what you don’t know is that it all started with his father, Rich Mahler Sr., a grateful orphan, adopted by ‘angels.’

Three years ago, Rich Sr. went to a Pinnacle Forum conference and came back telling his son, “It felt like I was home.” Home is a big word for a foster child. Rich Mahler Sr. is doing big things, in his family, in his community, in the world. His son, Rich Jr., is at the helm. Together, they are the only father son duo in Pinnacle Forum. Rich Jr. is now getting fired up to go around the country inspiring the new generation of Pinnacle Forum Partners- the twenty and thirty year olds.

“In Pinnacle, my Dad met many families and men that he was able to connect with because they understood how important it is to come together to impact the kingdom.”

Rich Sr., entrepreneur and founder of International Children’s Support Foundation (ICF), is now building orphanages around the country, four of them in Houston, plus all-purpose facilities; a place for them to learn sports, be discipled, have a home. Their Xperience Outreach Foundation, was created to ensure that all the most recognizable championship level sporting events in the nation offer alternative events reinforcing positive, healthy values. These Foundations inspire countless participants to become individuals of strength, passion, honor and integrity.

“I’ve been a young man that has been blessed to go into cities that I don’t know- doing the Xperience Outreach- having Pinnacle Forum leaders put their arms around me, direct me, guide me, help me. I know the importance of Pinnacle leaders coming together for something great,” says Rich Jr. “Continue to pour into the younger Partners because together it’s legacy building. Be who you are because younger men like myself are looking up to you. Do keep impacting in a harder way.”

Rich Mahler Jr. is in two Forums, one in New York, one in Dallas. He uses Xperiences, and the orphanage building to introduce people to Pinnacle Forum and is working to expand Pinnacle Forum in the entire state of Texas.

“My Dad getting that angel to adopt him, allowed me to be here and when you have that feeling of thankfulness it puts a fire in you and ignites a strength of power, of will, to continue on this mission because no matter what, maybe I didn’t need to be here. It ignites my purpose, the calling, my thankfulness.”

Rich Jr. also plays ‘point guard’ for a foundation called, “Sports Power International,” where NBA players around the world compete against other country’s national teams, using this platform to share the gospel.


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