The Galilean Institute

Michael Mobley

“The highest common denominator in Christianity is the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ,” says Mike Mobley. “We are rapidly approaching the 2000thanniversary of these events and this has captured my imagination.”

Mike turned his life over to Christ in 1975 while attending graduate school at Simon Fraser in British Columbia. He completed his PhD in physical chemistry at Arizona State University and spent the next 21 years working for Procter and Gamble, including five years at their European Technical Center and nine years as Director of R&D for two divisions.

In 2000 Mike joined ASU as Industrial Liaison for Research. He became Associate Director of the Biodesign Institute and was responsible for startup operations of this flagship research initiative and programming their new 350,000 SF research facility. He later moved to Grand Canyon University where he serves as Professor and Executive Director for the Office for Research and Innovation.

“My passion is truth and knowledge,” Mike says. “I love science, history and the Word of God. I believe I’m called to help people see that God is revealed in Two Books—His creation and His Bible. My desire is to grow personally and to strengthen the discipleship of others. In 2011 God placed on my heart the interest to coordinate commemorations of the 2000thanniversary of the crucifixion and resurrection and I started the website In 2018 I was approached by Jesus Celebration 2033, which was coordinating global celebrations. I now serve on their U.S. coordinating team. That same year I put forward a plan to develop the Galilean Institute in Galilee.”

Mike envisions the Galilean Institute being similar to the Museum of the Bible and the Smithsonian Institution but focused on Jesus. It will consist of components for scholarship, education, entertainment and outreach. Four operational units are proposed: 1) Museum & Exhibition Center, 2) Research Center & Accredited Graduate College, 3) Media Center, 4) Great Theater. The estimated cost is $320 million and the projected opening date is 2028, in time to become a focal point for the millions of pilgrims visiting Galilee from AD 2028 to 2038.

Mike’s passion for the Institute is what led to his connection with Pinnacle Forum. “When I started sharing the vision to build a Christian institute in Galilee,” he recalls, “friends encouraged me to take the idea to the folks at Museum of the Bible as they had recently done a project of this magnitude. I learned I needed to get hold of Cary Summers, their CEO. I shared this with my friend Bob Jamison. Bob is the best-networked person I know in the Phoenix area. Bob is a Pinnacle Forum Partner, and he introduced me to Guy Rodgers, Pinnacle Forum’s CEO. I was familiar with Pinnacle Forum because it has a good presence here in the Valley.

“Guy did not know Cary, but he knew someone who did and two weeks later I got an e-mail from Cary, wanting to meet in Phoenix that Monday. Guy and I met with Cary and he was enthusiastic for the plan and the potential to collaborate with the Museum of the Bible. I saw from that experience how effective Pinnacle Forum can be in assisting individuals to live out their calling for the Kingdom. I had to become a Partner.”

Mike joined a Forum group and started meeting other like-minded business people who had a heart for the Lord and for advancing the Kingdom. “When I attended my first national conference, I heard Guy speak on how Kingdom work isn’t just for those who are in pastoral ministry in a church,” Mike says. “We are all to use our gifts to advance the Kingdom. All of us should be doing the work of the ministry.”

Pinnacle Forum has provided great networking opportunities for Mike, but it’s not primarily a business networking group. At first, Mike was reluctant to pursue networking. “There are a lot of successful men in Forums and I didn’t want to be seen as just in it for the business connections. It’s so much more than networking—it’s relationships. We share our heart for the Lord and talk about what’s going on in our lives. We help one another to maintain the balance among spiritual formation, family, business and personal life, despite our demanding schedules. We empathize with one another and mentor one another in whatever we’re going through. We get feedback and encouragement and pray for one another. That’s been very helpful and has solidified my enthusiasm for the Forum.”

A helpful tool for Mike has been the Cultural Impact Plan. “A couple of Partners in our Forum shared their Cultural Impact Plans and Guy encouraged me to do one of my own,” Mike says. “I finished it a few month ago. It helped me develop some clear priorities regarding the Galilean Institute. And writing them down means I can share them with others and get feedback.”

Networking does play a role in Forums, but Mike sees a distinction. “It’s not the typical networking. It’s not self-seeking or promoting your business. It’s for doing the Lord’s business and trying to leverage the Lord’s resources. Through Pinnacle I got connected to Guy and Guy connected me to Cary Summers of the Museum of the Bible. I also got connected to Kevin Youngblood, who at one time was chairman of the Arizona chapter of Pinnacle Forum. Kevin has agreed to be on the Institute’s advisory board. I’ve also had opportunities to share my vision at some Pinnacle Forum events.

“Cary Summers is now advising us on partnerships in Galilee – with Magdala and the Nazareth Village – and how to ramp up development efforts,” Mike continues. “In less than a year, the Institute has moved from a two-page summary to a team of advisors working on global collaborations to bring this vision to fruition. This could not have happened without Pinnacle Forum.”

Guy Rodgers sums it up well. “One of the key threads with Mike is Bob Jamison connecting him to me and my connecting him to Cary Summers and Partners like Kevin Youngblood. That is quintessential Pinnacle Forum, advancing a Kingdom mission at its best.”

For more information on the Galilean Institute, visit To learn about A Decade of Remembrance: 2028 – 2038 AD, visit



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