God Holds the Reigns in this Equestrian Therapy | Nichole Henderson | #136

Our Partner and guest, Nichole Henderson, is executing her calling in therapy to encourage Christians and to encourage others. Learn how her faith-based practice, Victorious Beginnings, is using divinely-inspired equine therapy to heal broken souls. Nichole Henderson’s bio.

Caroline Mendez, Pinnacle Forum’s Director of Women’s Forums co-hosts the discussion.

A little about Nichole Henderson:

Founder/CEO, Victorious Beginnings, LLC
MS, LMFT-Intern, LADC-Intern, CEO, Doctoral Candidate

Nichole Henderson is the founder and CEO of Victorious Beginnings, LLC. She started her independent private practice in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012 and is where she has consistently delivered an extraordinary level of quality faith-based services to families, individuals, couples and groups. She attributes her success in mental and behavioral health services to her unique ability to engage in unconditional acceptance and dedication to individuals who seek resiliency, wholeness and relationship permanency. Nichole offers person centered and solution focused therapy with evidence-based principles to help clients navigate their complex worlds. 

Podcast available 2/2/21


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