Wisdom Accumulated Versus Wisdom Applied | Andy Wyatt | #142

Andy Wyatt

Many times the gift of wisdom comes wrapped in a journey of wrong choices, trials and a lonely path of self-sufficiency. Our Partner and Guest, Andy Wyatt shows us that during these times, God is pursuing us, revealing Himself, and leading us to the promised land. Andy Wyatt’s bio. 

Eric Bents, Pinnacle Forum’s Executive Director, co-hosts the discussion.

A little about Andy Wyatt:

Head Coach, Andrew Wyatt Leadership LLC

Andy is the Author of Pro Leadership, Establishing Credibility, Building Your Following and Leading with Impact, published by Morgan James in February 2021. In addition to writing and speaking, Andy coaches one on one, leads Pro Leadership Mastermind Groups, Masterclasses, Seminars and Retreats.

Podcast available 3/16/21


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