God Doesn’t Read Our Resumes, He Writes Them. | Nicole Sdao | #143

Nicole Sdao

What if you had a way to encourage yourself to do good in your community? Well, there is! Our Partner and guest, Nicole Sdao shares her story and about her free app, Altruize. It tracks both an individual’s and even an entire organization’s journey of volunteer/service projects. It is a way to spur us on to good deeds. Nicole Sdao’s bio.

Caroline Mendez, Pinnacle Forum’s Director of Women’s Forums, co-hosts the discussion.

A little about Nicole Sdao:

A bacteriology degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an oncology researcher, a published co-author while at UW-Madison, and then an established Chiropractic physician. She and her husband’s leadership positions grew in many nonprofits, and she felt a calling to become a tech founder and started Altruize which is an app to help increase altruism and general kindness in society.

Podcast available 3/23/21


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