“Through Pinnacle Forum I can talk with other men in leadership positions. I can tell them about the things going on and hear about the issues they’re facing. They have become an important support network for me.”

Ben Merkle, D.Phil, President, New Saint Andrews College

“I think it is a privilege to be able to share one’s self in a very honest transparent way with other brothers in Christ who you can trust, who you love, and who you know will keep your confidence, and who you know has your back.”

Robert Chin, Retired Physician

“The Forum provided fellowship I would not have had otherwise, because it was easy for me to participate. The virtual format meant I didn’t have to travel, but we could see each other regularly. We’ve become very close friends, even though we haven’t met each other face to face in some cases.”

Richard Ford, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, iVoterGuide

“It’s been amazing. Just to be able to fellowship and be real. When you’re in a leadership role for so long, as I have been, especially in church it’s really hard to go the people you oversee and be open about what you’re going through. Pinnacle Forum is allowing me to lean on others and ask for prayer. To sit back and engage in conversations and get a different perspective. …It’s a divine appointment.”

Ricardo Pacheco, Branch Manager / Sr. Mortgage Advisor, Team Pacheco @ Stanford Mortgage

“Pinnacle Forum has helped me and our other Partners connect our Christ-calling to actual execution, made possible as we progressed through the Four ‘E’ Strategy from ‘Encourage’ to ‘Execute.'”

David Sauter – CEO, Envano

“These brothers became sort of my board of directors, if you will. I was getting counsel from people, who in other industries were the equivalent or higher than what I was doing. The friendships, mentorship and spiritual growth were invaluable and not something I could find anywhere else that would fit in my very busy schedule.”

Ben Ungerman, Retired Air Force Colonel

“I was also encouraged to learn that Pinnacle Forum uses a metaphor that I coined to describe life: Frontstage and Backstage. Frontstage is external and Backstage is internal. The success of a person’s Frontstage requires internal health on the Backstage. Your Frontstage matters. Your Backstage matters more.”

Dr. Johnny Parker, Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Johns Hopkins Positive Psychology Professor

“I just encourage you, if you’re thinking about the Forum, jump in. Jump into the pool, and you’ll see if it’s the right group for you. I have not seen anything else like it. It’s amazing what we can do in one hour a week.”

Harry Plack
Harry Plack, Director, Plack Group LLC