Why Become a Partner?

A Short Message From Caroline

Caroline Mendez on our podcast

  • To share your heart; your challenges, your victories and your unique Kingdom Calling!
  • To develop rich, deep peer relationships with other young leaders.
  • Discern and understand WHO God has designed you to be.
  • To glean wisdom from seasoned Christ-following leaders who have reached the “Pinnacle” of their influence and impact.
  • Have ongoing opportunities to develop relationships with a national network of leaders in your area of passion and/or vocation.
  • Truly IMPACT our nation’s culture instead of just talking about it!

What A Forum Looks Like

  • One hour a week commitment.
  • Meetings take place over ZOOM Video Conferencing.
  • Forum is made up of 8 to 10 peer leaders.
  • Forums are separated by gender to maximize transparency, vulnerability and confidentiality.
  • Time is uniquely structured for personal check-in and prayer, leadership development, and your culture transformation journey.
We understand who you are, and that’s why we do what we do – because that’s who we are.

Questions for You

  • Do you hunger to radically impact our nation’s culture for God’s Kingdom?
  • Do you have a deep desire to discern and utilize your unique Calling?
  • Do you feel like those that are supposed to be your “peers” don’t really understand you or what it takes to be a Christ-centered leader?
  • Do you long for a place to be vulnerable and transparent?

Are You Ready to Become a Partner?

You can apply below or find out more about Partnership.

“What I am most excited about is the caliber of women in my group; they are professional, caring, God-lovers, highly skilled, and available for me. Every meeting is tremendously encouraging. I found my voice. This association is pivotal for me to become the confident leader God intends me to be.”

~ Virginia Ayers
Property Manager, Omaha Housing Authority

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent leadership in the Forum.  Honestly, there will be challenging mornings that I really don’t want to join my Forum that morning.  But I do, and in the end, I feel God’s presence; I feel refreshed; I feel God speaking to me; I feel valued.  This is a result of our Forum leader’s obedience and giftings.   Pinnacle Forum has been a great experience for me and my business.”

~ Cathy Plack
Director of Strategic Planning, Plack Group, LLC

“I began to notice that my Church and my business life was divided. That there weren’t too many high level business women to model after in how to blend these two worlds together. Then I found Pinnacle Forum. Joining their young professionals group has been game changing for me…helped shift my focus and step into a new way of conducting business.”

~ Katelin Caris
Mortgage Loan Officer at SJ Morgan Private Lending

“I’m a sales coach, trainer, author and speaker who sometimes has to operate ‘under cover’ and other times can integrate scripture into what I share with customers. For more than 20 years I have been trying to connect with other business women who have a deep love of Jesus and aren’t afraid to show their faith at work. Until I found Pinnacle Forum I knew less than a handful of women who shared my faith-in-the-marketplace passion. Joining Pinnacle Forum I immediately gained 8 sisters I get to meet with weekly, and they are introducing me to other, like-minded Christian business women who are adding richness to my life. If you crave connections with other Proverbs 31 women, this is THE place to be.”

~ Deb Brown Maher
Sales Coach

“The only way to truly impact a society with Biblical principles is to touch the heart of the cultural mountains of that society. Pinnacle Forum serves as a place where individuals can personally grow and interact with others of like mind so that they are equipped, strengthened and supported in their efforts to reach the heart of those cultural mountains.”

~ Linda Bowers
Senior Vice President & Wealth Advisor in the financial services industry


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