“Joining their young professionals group has been game changing for me.”

Katelin Caris, Mortgage Loan Officer, SJ Morgan Private Lending

“I always felt called to be a leader, but allowed fear to hinder me in the past. Becoming a member of Pinnacle Partner Forum and choosing to be in the YSL group has helped me step into the purpose the Lord called me to. I know when the Lord tells you too do something, something great will always come out of it. The YSL group has been such a blessing to myself and my family. I have made life long friendships that I know are from God. We get to encourage each other as business women but we also get to pray with each other. I recommend any Young Christian Woman Leader surround herself with people that know Jesus and what to do His work regardless of what the word says.”

Shannel Brown, Realtor, Braden Fellman Group

“Joining PF has given me a community of women where I can be transparent and real. Each week I take away nuggets of wisdom and encouragement that has propelled me forward spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I walk away with a “boost” that gets me through the week. I believe the prayers and fellowship has been a catalyst to go from surviving to thriving.”

Elizabeth Hooley, Acquisition Manager at Wedgewood Inc

“I began to notice that my church and my business life was divided. That there weren’t too many high level business women to model after in how to blend these two worlds together. Then I found Pinnacle Forum. Joining their young professionals group has been game changing for me…helped shift my focus and step into a new way of conducting business.”

Katelin Caris, Mortgage Loan Officer, SJ Morgan Private Lending

“We all feel God is calling women right now to leadership in the Christian realm. We see God moving within Pinnacle Forum to help make this happen! …Prayer is an important part…we are focusing more on planning how we can impact culture and how we can support each other in doing that.”

Sonya Morgan, Broker/Owner, SJ Morgan Private Lending Exchange

“Pinnacle Forum has connected me with top-tier Christian leaders who are seeking to impact culture for the Kingdom. Being a part of Pinnacle Forum for Young Successful Leaders has challenged me, brought additional accountability, and inspired me to become a better leader. Iron sharpens iron.”

Rob LeMay, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, UnitedHealthcare

“Through Pinnacle Forum I can talk with other men in leadership positions. I can tell them about the things going on and hear about the issues they’re facing. They have become an important support network for me.”

Ben Merkle, D.Phil, President, New Saint Andrews College

“There was a fragmentation in my spirit about how God’s call and destiny for my life would unfold. To come to a Pinnacle Forum group every week and to be encouraged by the Holy Spirit and my beautiful team of sisters to pray and think about it was just what I needed. These times helped me discover new realms of Jesus’ love for us. Times together with other Pinnacle partners have given me much greater clarity of purpose without pressure to perform. I urge you to be part of this Jesus movement, where accountability, prayer, fellowship and love will provide a strong foundation for you to impact the culture for the kingdom of God.”

Dr. Jannah Scott, Founder, Baku Center-US

“I think it is a privilege to be able to share one’s self in a very honest transparent way with other brothers in Christ who you can trust, who you love, and who you know will keep your confidence, and who you know has your back.”

Robert Chin, Retired Physician

“Choosing to be in the YSL group has helped me step into the purpose the Lord called me to.”

Shannel Brown, Realtor, Braden Fellman Group